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Outdoor Gardening


Your outdoor gardening questions, answered

Aaron Deacon is back on the pod, this time to answer our community’s questions about outdoor gardening. Aaron and Katie cover a range of topics, from how to fix a poorly draining garden to no-till gardening and lots more.
Harvesting Beans


Celebrating the harvest

Wander with us into the backyard of one of our very own gardensteaders as she harvests some pole beans and digs up her potatoes. Then, take a moment or two to honour and celebrate that season of gardening seasons — harvest time.
digging in episode 4


Gardening and mental health | Digging in with gardenstead Ep. 4

In this episode of our podcast, Katie has a broad-ranging conversation with Dr. Nate Charach, a Toronto-based psychiatrist who shares how being out in nature can help us all.

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