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Day: October 30, 2020

Well Rounded

Check out this perfect head of cabbage Steve harvested last week! We still find it fascinating how the disorganized leaves of a cabbage seedling can come together into such a perfect ball of tasty goodness.

Reminiscing about Summer Growing

With the day’s growing shorter we can’t help but reminisce about our summer garden. Angela’s garden was thriving in June! Did you take a picture of your garden during its peak growing point this summer?

holiday gift guide gardenstead

50+ Best Gifts for Gardeners 2020

Looking to impress the gardeners and houseplant parents in your life this holiday season? This holiday gift guide for gardeners has 50-plus special gift ideas that are sure to delight plant lovers of all stripes.

picking apples

A Guide to Apple Picking

It’s more than just apples you’ll be coming home with; it’s family memories that will last a lifetime.

Garden Fallen Leaves

This Fall, Leave the Leaves

Leaving fallen leaves alone can improve your garden soil and help perennial plants, birds, pollinators and beneficial insects survive the winter! Read on to learn why leaves are so important and how to handle them best to benefit your garden.

difficult houseplants

Challenge your Greenthumb: Four Difficult Houseplants

It can seem like there are more difficult houseplants to keep healthy and happy versus easy-to-care for ones. As much as houseplants bring much happiness to our lives and homes, growing houseplants can actually be really difficult.

miracle fruit

Miracle Fruit: A Surprise for Your Sweet Tooth

Have you ever heard of a small berry called miracle fruit? This fruit is a native to West Africa, it’s an evergreen shrub that grows in tropical climates. Miracle fruit is also known as miracle berry or its scientific name, Synsepalum dulcificum.