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50+ Best gifts for gardeners 2020

Every present suggestion comes from the wishlists of our very own gardenstead team and is available for order online so that you can shop from the comfort (and safety) of your home.

Ready to feel the thrill of finding that perfect gift for someone?

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Outdoor Gardening Tools & Treats

1 – Bee house (under $30)
A garden cannot flourish without bees! Bees pollinate flowers so that fruits and vegetables can grow in their place. With the huge decline of bees world-wide it’s more important than ever to intentionally attract bees to your garden and offer them a safe space. Bee houses are a simple and attractive way to do just that! We love this American-made mason bee house because it also includes a homey space for ladybugs — which help reduce garden pests — and butterflies! P.s. mason bees are a very peaceful bee — males have no stingers and females will only sting if trapped or squeezed.

2 – Best Books for a Garden Bookworm ($15 – $20)
Help your loved one’s keep the spirit of gardening alive in winter with educational and inspirational gardening books.

If growing more fresh produce in less space with less work sounds like a win-win-win to you, then the All New Square Foot Gardening is the perfect book to dive into! This best-selling gardening book in all of North America is a sure-to-delight gift.

The Week-by-week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook is a personal favorite of Kimber Green, our veg gardening expert. Read her review of the book to find out what makes it so useful for beginners and experienced gardeners alike! You also can’t go wrong with the classic Vegetable Gardener’s Bible, which outlines Edward Smith’s legendary high-yield gardening method.

For gardeners who are more into flowers than veg, the Flower Gardener’s Bible is a fantastic choice. The comprehensive guide has all the tips and tricks to help every gardener create the flower garden of their dreams.

3 – Abcosport Garden Tools & Tote ($25)
At first glance you may think a gardening tote bag is over-the-top — why do you need a garden purse? Because it’s a serious time and back-saver in the garden. Gardeners use a lot of little tools to get the job done — from gloves to weeders to spray bottles and trowels — and often that leads to retracing their steps along a breadcrumb trail of tools scattered through the garden. The sturdy tote solves this by keeping all your garden tools in one place as you move from plant to plant. No more lost tools amidst the grass and repeated crouching and standing to gather tools! Plus, this kit includes a nine-piece set of matching and stylish tools so gardeners can look as gorgeous as their gardens! Any gardening pro or beginner gardener will be smitten with this set.

4 – Innovative Orbit 7-Pattern Hose Nozzle ($15)
The innovative thumb dial to control water flow is an example of simple design innovation having a massive impact on effectiveness, durability and enjoyment of use. This hose nozzle blows regular handle nozzles out of the water! Veronica, our garden guru, loved it so much she went looking for extra opportunities to water things, “it turned watering from a chore to a delight!”. The thumb control is a big plus for any gardener with arthritis as well. A hose nozzle may seem like a dull holiday present but let us tell you, gardner’s love a good hose nozzle — this won’t disappoint!

5 – Decorative Hummingbird Feeder ($25)
These hand-blown hummingbird feeders amplify the beauty of a garden threefold: they attract gorgeous hummingbirds, the hummingbirds pollinate plants for a more lush and productive garden, and the each blown glass feeder is one-of-a-kind colorful art.

6 – Special Heirloom Seeds for Spring ($18 to $30)
Seeds are the little pods of potential that make vegetable gardeners’ hearts sing! Receiving an assortment of non-GMO heirloom seeds will make every gardener grin come holiday time. Pair the seeds with a gardening journal so that your gardener can start sketching out next year’s garden plan immediately. Gift any of these quality heirloom seed assortments to your favorite veg gardener:

7 – Grow Lights for Starting Seeds Indoors
This is a next-level awesome gift for any gardener who grows plants from seed. Grow lights are essential for starting strong seeds early in the season for a more productive garden all season. Grow lights come in a range of shapes, sizes, light spectrum and price points. But don’t let the endless options overwhelm you. We’ve done the research for you and discovered two top-rated LED (high efficiency) grow lights:

8 – Stylish and Sturdy Garden Boots ($30 to $130)
Gardeners tend their plants rain-or-shine, on chilly mornings and warm afternoons. Hence the need for durable boots that can handle all the water, dirt and weather you can throw at it. Check out this selection of entirely practical, but fabulously stylish garden boots for the gardener on your gift list. Each boot has the essential features of a great garden boot: great traction, easy-on-and-off design, waterproof, dirt-proof and incredibly durable.

Gardening Boots for Women

  • The Joules Wellibob Rain Boot has everything a gardener needs in a boot and comes in a variety of fun patterns like this black and yellow bumble bee boot. (from $60)
  • The Sloggers Rain Boot comes with an “all day comfort” insole and reaches mid-calf for splashy or deep-dirt situations. A fantastic mix of durable, comfortable and stylish, it comes in several whimsical animal patterns and is amazing value. (from $45)
  • The Crocs Shorty Boot is a cheap and cheerful boot that will get the job done. (from $30)

Gardening Boots for Men

  • It doesn’t get more durable than the Servus Steel-Toe Workboot, but this boot is engineered for comfort too. The contour cushion insole provides comfort and support, plus it can be removed or replaced. (from $40)
  • The Muckmaster Hi-Cut is a stylish boot that boasts shock absorption, thermal retention and adjusts to your foot shape to avoid blisters and chafing. (from $125)

Indoor Gardening Must-Haves

1 – Houseplant Guides and Survival Manuals
Even experienced houseplant parents can be thrown for a loop by their plants. That’s where these comprehensive guides come in with invaluable advice from seasoned gardeners who have saved a lot of plants and want to share their tips with you.

  • The New Plant Parent: Develop your Green Thumb (from $15)
    Darryl Cheng (@houseplantjournal) is an engineer who brings a scientific and methodical approach to his love for houseplants. He offers a new way to grow healthy houseplants and teaches the art of anticipating a plant’s needs and finding an ideal environment for it to flourish.
  • The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual (from $15)
    Barbara Pleasant is an expert gardener who shares her knowledge on 160 different houseplants. From plant personality profiles, to growing needs and troubleshooting tips, this book has a lot to share.

2 – Plant Shelves ($75 – $170)
Once you fall in love with houseplants, it’s almost impossible to stop growing your collection of leafy babies — hence the importance of a plant shelves. They keep plants organized and create a beautiful display — hello indoor jungle! Plus, as a plant collection grows, it’s super important to make use of vertical space. Here are our top two picks:

  • The Tribesigns 5-Tier Plant Stand & Hanger won our hearts, not only because of the unique shape and gorgeous materials, but also the fact that there are a couple spots for hanging plants. That’s a big bonus! It can be tough to hang plants, especially if you’re not allowed to drill into ceilings or able to find ceiling joists. ($170)
  • This Bamboo Customizable Plant Shelf is a super popular and practical design. The shelves can be adjusted to various heights and the unit can be split into two separate shelves, if desired. The fact that these shelves can adjust to accommodate growing plants and changing spaces is a fantastic perk. ($75)

3 – Grow lights ($30 – $60)
Grow lights provide an extra boost of sunshine to keep plants healthier and pest-free in winter months. These lights also allow indoor gardeners to expand their collection of sun-loving plants. The EZORKAS Dimmable Full Spectrum 80W LED Grow Light is a perfect option when there is a window ledge or table to clamp onto. In the floor lamp department, we love the AgroBrite 27W Grow Light.

4 – AeroGarden Indoor Herb Garden ($100 – $150)
The perfect gift for a foodie with a greenthumb — the AeroGarden is a compact hydroponic garden with room for six different herbs to grow simultaneously. Nothing beats the taste and fragrance of fresh herbs! And since the garden comes with a grow light, you can grow herbs right in the kitchen or anywhere in your house, and save precious window space for other plants.

5 – Pots with Personality ($15 – $55)
Every plant deserves a beautiful pot. Here’s our selection of the top punny, artsy, colorful and contemporary pots to make plants shine, and plant parents beam.

6 – Beautiful Long-Spout Watering Can ($20 to $25)
Watering plants shouldn’t be a chore! Water effectively and in style with these long-spout cans. The spout directs water directly onto the soil to make avoiding the leaves a breeze. Here are our favorite picks:

7 – Houseplant Jungle Puzzle ($20)
A must-have for a cozy, chill winter afternoon when you’re hanging with your plant friends, and maybe some human friends too.

1 – Air Plants & Artsy Displays ($10 to $25)
You may have seen these plants around and thought they were fake, when in fact they are quite alive and get most of their nutrients and moisture from the air around them! This is not your typical potted plant, and therefore they can be displayed in endless artsy ways. Air plants (Tillandsia) are low-maintenance but supremely cool looking plants that every houseplant lover will adore.

The plants are available for online order (yes– plants can be safely shipped!), plus there are a bunch of cool plant stands available to help air plants strut their stuff… or, rather, sit still looking flashy. Here are some of the trendiest air plants and stands:

2 – Macrame Plant Hanger ($25 – $35)
This 70’s trend is making a comeback! Macrame adds a texture, warmth, and a natural airiness to hanging plants that can’t be ignored. Perfect in boho interiors and indoor jungles alike, plant lovers are going gaga over macrame. For those who are just looking to hang a plant, we found four fabulous options. And for those who love to get crafty, there’s a DIY macrame kit that we love!

3 – Beautiful Propagation Station ($13 to $20)
A devoted houseplant parent always has some plants propagating, so why not make a gorgeous display of them? Not only are the jars perfectly shaped for holding slender stems, they are dedicated to the task — without them drinking glasses tend to go missing from the cupboard…

We are in love with this lightbulb prop station. It’s innovative, eco, and transitions perfectly across many decor styles, from steampunk/industrial to modern to rustic.

Another popular and stylish choice making a splash on social is wood and glass multi-prop stations. Here are two of our favorites:

4 – Baby Groot Pot ($10)
Got a Guardians of the Galaxy fan on your gift list? These baby Groot pots have made quite the adorable splash on instagram this year! Choose between a daydreaming Groot and a heart-hands Groot, or get both because they are just so dang cute.

Outdoor Garden Decor

1 – Solar Lanterns ($10 to $35)
These decorative solar lanterns will be enjoyed day and night and showcase the garden year round. This is the perfect garden accent to light up patio parties, to enjoy low-key evenings in the garden, and to admire moon gardens (gardens with night blooming flowers) .

2 – Four Seasons Rustic Garden Wagon ($30)
Heap with presents, poinsettias, and birch logs in winter; tulips, hyacinth and pussywillow in spring; lilies, roses…really your choices are endless in summer!; and pumpkins, hay and chrysanthemums in fall. This rustic, charming wagon is a beautiful canvas just waiting for a gardener to celebrate the seasons with the bounty of the garden.

3 – Garden Gnomes Cute and Comical ($20 to $35)
Whether you find them charming or strange, gnomes are a traditional garden decoration. Browse this selection of cute and comical gnomes and you may just find yourself falling in love with these magical creatures.

Gardening Lifestyle/Unexpected Delights

1 – Sunrise Alarm Clock ($40 to $250)
Love rising with the sun, but struggling with the short days of winter? Sunrise alarm clocks wake you with a gradual sunrise glow and put you to bed with a dwindling light that mimics a setting sun. These alarm clocks are the perfect way to stay connected with the natural circadian rhythm you enjoy in summer months. Check out our favorites below — common features include: sunrise and sunset lighting, audible alarm, natural wake-up sounds (e.g. birds chirping), radio, dimmable clock, and snooze button.

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2 – The Lagom Life ($10)
Discover lagom — the Swedish idea of balance, beauty, harmony, and sufficiency. Elisabeth Carlsson, a Swede who has been living in the UK for many years, shows us how living a little more lagom can make all areas of our life — from gardening to work-life balance to furnishing our homes (or nests as she likes to say). This is a perfect ‘curl-up and get-cozy’ book for gardeners who are missing their happy place in winter.

3 – Garden Scents Essential Oils ($30) & Anjou Scent Diffuser ($30)
Bring the relaxing and uplifting scents of the garden inside this winter with this set of twelve 100% pure and natural floral essential oils and a high-quality scent diffuser. The scent diffuser provides 12 house of scent from a single fill and also doubles as an ultra-quiet cool mist humidifier for dry winter months. Essential oil scents include jasmin, cherry blossom, gardenia, neroli and more.

4 – Green Thumb Hoodie ($35)
Show the greenthumb on your gift list that you respect their mad gardening skills with a cozy greenthumb hoodie designed by gardenstead.

5 – Floral Robe & Pyjama Set
Gifting cozy pyjamas and robes is a Christmas tradition for many families. These floral PJ’s and robes are sure to delight the gardeners in your family.

Gifts for Little Gardeners

1 – Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together with Children (from $10)
Sharon Lovejoy offers “12 spirited, easy-to-implement ideas for theme gardens that parents and kids can grow together.” Illustrated throughout with beautiful watercolors, each garden includes a plan, planting recipe (seeds, seedlings, and growing instructions spelled out step-by-step) and activities. Themed gardens include: a pizza patch; sunflower house; buckets, boxes & boots (container gardens); a garden of giants; zuni waffle garden; flowery maze; moon garden of night-blooming flowers; and mother nature’s medicine chest. Plus, Sharon includes a list of top 20 plants guaranteed to make gardeners out of kids. Age level 4-10.

From the book: “[My grandmother] knew that the surest way to destroy the enthusiasm of a young gardener was to dictate a steady regimen of rules and routine. Instead, we greeted each day as an adventure and learned to look for and expect miracles… All knowledge is rooted in wonder, and what better place to cultivate wonder than in our own gardens?”

2 – Bee and Insect Hotel ($20)
Attract bees, butterflies, ladybugs, lacewings, and a host of other beneficial insects to your garden and offer them a safe place to stay. Your children will love the opportunity to explore the secret life of bees and insects. Bee and insect hotels are a fantastic learning opportunity, eco-friendly, beneficial to the garden and beautiful. Have fun painting the house with your children — bright colors will attract more bees!

P.s. bee hotels attract peaceful mason bees that are non-aggressive and for the most part non stinging. Only female mason bees have stingers and they only sting when squeezed or trapped.

3 – Little Gardener Tool Set ($35)
Give your little gardener all the gear they need to garden alongside you. This set includes three key garden tools (no sharp edges), an apron with pockets, hat, spray bottle, shovel, gardening gloves and carry bag. Perfect for real or pretend gardening. For children three to seven years old.

4 – “I’m a lil’ monstera” and “greenthumb” T-Shirts or Onesies
These adorable garden-themed graphic tees and onesies were lovingly designed by gardenstead to adorn your little ones in cheerful gardening apparel.

5 – Garden Muck-About Rain Boots (From $20)
Children will love mucking-about in the garden with you in these easy, pull-on and cheerfully designed rain boots.

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