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gardenstead is a start-up that connects the small space gardening community with ideas and products that are both entertaining and useful.

We believe that every gardener – not just the experts – should be proud to show off their dirty hands. For too long, too many of us have been afraid that we don’t know enough or have been too afraid to start a garden for a fear of failure. At gardenstead, when we fail, we laugh and we learn and we try again with the support of our community.

To this end, we are calling on all who might want to join us!

  • If you are a gardener looking to learn, share and swap with other gardeners;
  • If you are an influencer, who wants to reach a broader audience and amplify your message;
  • If you are an educator with the unique offering and would like to reach a broader audience;
  • If you have a unique product or offering that you think our community might be interested in knowing more about;
  • If you are an inventor with a great idea and you want to test your concept;
  • If you are a designer with great ideas,

Then dig a little deeper and plant your seed here.

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we are a cooperative community that believes that by growing together, we grow stronger

While there is a place for the expert gardener and for the elite gardening competition – there is also a place for the kid, who just wants to watch something grow or the grown up, who just wants to experience the hope and joy that comes from nurturing new life.

Let’s celebrate together in a supportive environment for all ages and gardeners from every walk of life.

Get in touch at hello@gardenstead.com