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We have a bee as our logo. Why?

Gardens cultivate life, nature and passions. And what would the garden be without the busy little bee which brings it all together? Bees are social creatures who know how important community is. And that’s gardenstead. We are the newest online social community – creating a buzz. We were inspired by our bee companions to bring the same ecosystem of hardworking gardeners a place to come together. At gardenstead, our goal is to build a thriving beehive of gardeners who find growth and connection through sharing and learning from each other.

More about gardenstead

gardenstead is building a cooperative community full of people who believe that by growing together, we grow stronger.

We believe you have the most fun when you get dirty and that you should try anything once. If it thrives – great, and if it not – you’ve learned something new. We celebrate the joy of trial and error and our curiosity nurtures our growth.

gardenstead - hive

Let’s create a buzz. Are you any of the following?

  • A gardener looking to learn, share and swap with other gardeners;
  • An influencer, who wants to reach a broader audience and amplify your message;
  • An educator with a unique offering and would like to reach a broader audience;
  • Do you have a unique product or offering that you think our community might be interested in knowing more about;
  • If you are an inventor with a great idea and you want to test your concept;
  • Or a designer with great ideas,

Then dig a little deeper and plant your seed here.

Let’s celebrate together in a supportive environment for all ages and gardeners from every walk of life.