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who we are

an all-in-one
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If you like to get your hands dirty, we’re right there with you. And if you’d like to read a little bit more about what we’re all about, you’ve landed in the right spot.

who we are

Gardenstead is an inclusive, online community of gardeners and gardening enthusiasts
of all levels who love to get their hands dirty — indoors and out. Our gardeners run the gamut. They are vegetable gardeners, houseplant nurturers, small space gardening engineers, herbalists, flower enthusiasts and succulent aficionados.

Our goal has always been to connect gardeners, foster and share knowledge,
and make gardening resources available to everyone.

As we grow, we seek to expand our conversations about gardening and to
cultivate a mindful embrace of nature and the healing and grounding properties
to be found in it.  

Plants cultivate connections between people — from urban settings of balcony gardens
and small spaces to rural backyards with larger and more expansive gardens. We hope
you’ll join us as we continue to nurture
these connections and create new ones.

why the bee?

Bees are social creatures that know the importance of community. Bees support the growth of trees, flowers and many other plants and contribute to the growth of complex ecosystems. Their contributions to nature and overall importance to the health of the environment cannot be overstated.

We were inspired by our bee companions to build a similar ecosystem of hardworking gardeners and businesses, and to support the environments in which they play such an important role.

want to get in touch?

To speak with the gardenstead team, or to find out about advertising opportunities with us, call (416) 861-1236, reach out on any of our social channels, or send an email to hello@gardenstead.com.

about the team

John Barrack - Founder and Board Member

John is a serial entrepreneur, accomplished executive manager, strategic business advisor and practicing lawyer. He continues to devote more and more acreage to his ever-growing wildflower obsession, which he tends to himself (when not at his desk).

Katie Macdonald - President

Katie is a strategic and insightful builder of brands, a seasoned communications professional and a mother of four. Katie takes an active interest in ensuring that the right conversations are taking place in order to raise the visibility of global sustainability.

Dave Friesema - Investor and Board Member

Dave recently retired as the CEO of Sleep Country Canada. Dave was part of the team that drove Sleep Country’s extraordinary performance and market leading practices for 27 years in total, in the last eight years serving as CEO. He helped build a business which fosters a culture of inclusion and purpose that will define Sleep Country in perpetuity. Dave continues to focus on the creation of purpose and impact through his involvement across a portfolio of entrepreneurial investments.

Srin Sridharan - Investor and Board Member

Srin’s experience has been built in the private equity, venture capital, public equity and management consulting sectors. He is the managing partner of Thought: an industry leader in the field of impact investing and sustainability.

Srishti Sardana - Director, Digital Marketing

Srishti is data-obsessed; ceaselessly querying and pulling data from multiple sources, and transforming that data into actionable results. She is instrumental to the reinvigoration of gardenstead’s brand recognition and is always working to drive meaningful engagement for its community members.

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