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Plant tour at Valleyview Gardens | ask gardenstead 016

Buckle in while Shannon, Jaz, and Darryl aka House Plant Journal take you for a plant tour at one of our favorite nurseries, Valleyview Gardens! Follow Shannon on her quest for more of her favorite – pink plants, while Darryl sprinkles in some plant care and Jaz hunts for a new low-maintenance plant to add to her mini indoor jungle. There’s something for everyone in this video!

Orchid repotting with House Plant Journal | ask gardenstead 015

We’re back at it again with orchid care and this time House Plant Journal walks us through how to repot an orchid. Jaz has been busy chatting with the gardenstead community members about orchids. They’ve even inspired her to try her hand at growing one again. The passion for plants is infectious! In this episode, you’ll learn how-to repot an orchid, general orchid care for beginners and you’ll see a rare orchid that has reproduced itself.

Houseplant care 101 with House Plant Journal | ask gardenstead 014

Jaz and Darryl from House Plant Journal don’t operate under “conventional” houseplant care. In this episode of ASK gardenstead, we’ve collected fundamental questions from our Houseplant community on Facebook (there’s over 20K people talking and sharing in there!). Darryl explains how light and environment play into the quality of your houseplants life while Jaz shares what responsive watering is and why your plants might be happier being watered that way.

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