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tomato seedling

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Seed starting indoors with Jaz and House Plant Journal | ask gardenstead 013

What’s more fun than actually starting your indoor seeds? Talking about starting your indoor seeds (of course)! In this episode of ASK gardenstead, we’ll help to deepen your understanding of seeds starting with tips, tools and advice. Plus, we explore peanut seeds! Do YOU know what a peanut seed looks like?! Jaz and Darryl from House Plant Journal a make bet and laugh hard about what they think a peanut seed looks like.

How to not kill your orchid | ask gardenstead 010

Watch and learn as Shannon gives you the low-down on how to keep your orchids alive. They are definitely one of those flowers that are extremely popular, yet high-maintenance. That’s why we’ve gathered up and answered all your community questions on how NOT to kill your orchid.

What your plant is trying to tell you | ask gardenstead 009

Hold on. Wait a second. Don’t forget, your plant is more than a pretty object. It’s alive! Whether you are beginning your houseplant journey or established an indoor jungle, light is the prerequisite on how to know what your plant will need. In this episode of ASK gardenstead Jaz, Shannon, and Darryl from House Plant Journal, go in and answer the community’s questions on how to observe and understand what your plant is trying to tell you.

yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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