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exploring plants

Searching for a Better Way to Feed Plants

Aaron Deacon was frustrated by the scarcity of natural solutions for feeding plants and supplementing soil. Thinking there had to be a better way to feed his plants, Aaron started to search for a solution.

gardening basket

A Day in a Permaculture Life

What does it look like to live sustainably and self-sufficiently in our modern world? We were curious, too, so we decided to find out.

honeybee on flower by theenglishgardener

An Urban Gardener in England Shares His Story

After Alex (@theEnglishgardener) has spent some considerable time admiring his garden and learning about his remarkable efforts via Instagram, we reached out to him to ask him to share his story.

wild flower field by farmerhands

Happy New Year! Let’s grow well and prosper in 2022

There’s so much about the end of the year that dovetails nicely with being a gardener. As it is for many, for gardeners too this is a time for reflection upon the year that was, of growing and growth

packaging bags - dahliamayflowerfarm

Not All Gifts are Wrapped

There’s no season that proves we’re a generous species more than the holiday season, and we’re going to press pause on what we’re doing to take a minute or two to celebrate that.

Winter Christmas Tree Farm

Should You Cut your own Christmas Tree?

When it comes to getting a Christmas tree, your options are: cut your own tree, get a pre-cut tree, or get an artificial tree. Of the three, we land solidly in favour of cutting your own tree. Here’s why.

vertical wall gardening

Five Reasons to get into Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is having a moment right now. If you’re on the fence about going vertical with your gardening, we did a little digging for some great reasons to give it a try.

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