Designing Your Vegetable Garden: Part I

This post is an invitation to THINK about designing your vegetable garden – not a detailed explanation on HOW to design the bed (we’ll get to that next!).

Starting a garden can seem quite daunting for a first- time gardener. You may be asking questions like: What should I grow? How do I grow it? When do I plant it? How do I plant it? There are loads of questions to ask and so much to learn, but gardening shouldn’t be stressful.

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A Spicy Lesson: Growing One of the World’s Hottest Peppers

When the seed catalogues roll into my mailbox, it’s the hot pepper section that I’m most excited to peruse.

Peppers varieties like cayenne and jalapeños, that are considered somewhat “mild” on the spectrum of hot peppers are what I gravitate toward growing. I like my crops to “work for me” or in other words, are versatile in the kitchen so I can use them in numerous ways. Fresh on pizza? Yep. Dried out and made into chili flakes? Definitely.

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Your Old Seeds: Will They Grow?

Got seeds? Got old seeds?

And wondering if you should plant them this year?

If you grow from seed, you’ll know how easy it is to accumulate packs and packs of seeds.

Do a simple germination test.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Dazzling Holiday Planters

Finished Holiday Planter

Enjoying your outdoor space can be a year-round venture. Creating a decorative winter container is a creative process that will provide you with a beautiful piece that will last on your walkway, steps or balcony well into March… just in time for spring.

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