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Author: Jazlyn

How to Grow Sunflowers

Sunflowers are special flowers. They are visually striking, great pollinators and it’s a fact that if you stare at a sunflower for 28 seconds or more, you will smile. Ok, ok, so we completely made that last fact up, but we’d like to think it’s the truth.

How to Deal with Garden Pests

Insects, often referred to as garden pests, are a natural part of the cycle of growing food. Don’t fret, it means your garden is alive but let’s take a closer look into finding some balance.

Three Essential Garden Tools You Need

When space is limited, both in the garden and in your storage area, versatility is key. With these three must-have tools, less is more.

Goodbye to Leggy Seedlings

If you’re new to using grow lights you may be surprised by just how close your seedlings need to be them. It’s close! It’s very very close!

What is: “As Soon As The Soil Can Be Worked?”

“As soon as the soil can be worked,” may be a phrase you’ve come across when reading about when to start your garden. This vague phrase may have you scratching your head in confusion.