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Author: Katrina

Rose Bush

How Roses Became The Most Popular Flower in History

Roses, rows, and rows of roses. That is what you’re often met with when entering any flower shop or floral department. Roses are one of the most popular cut flowers in the entire floral industry.

plant indoors with laptop

Time to bring your plants inside!

As summer ends and fall begins it’s time to start bringing your houseplants back inside for the cooler weather.

The History of Canadian Landscaping

British Columbia’s capital is at our southern tip, we have an endless supply of breathtaking beaches, old growth forests and jaw dropping waterfalls.

Growing Pothos on Moss Poles

Pothos are often seen in hanging pots but houseplant lovers may not know that growing them upwards will produce a lusher, larger plant that is healthier and in my opinion more attractive.

Ladybugs, A Gardener’s Best Friend

While we often focus on the “bad bugs” we forget there are many “good bugs” that reside in our gardens as well, some are actually necessary for the success of our fruits and veggies.

Handy Set of Gardening Tools from Amazon

Whether you’re just entering the gardening world, or shopping for a gardener in your life (or for yourself!), I would like to share my suggestion regarding a 10pcs gardening set I purchased this year from Amazon.

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