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Author: Keera


Plant Recommendations for New Plant Parents

If you are a beginner plant owner, we are so happy to see you here joining the plant community with your first plants! If you are a plant lover who is just here for more information, glad you are here and we hope that the information in this article will inspire even more love for plants.

plants in leca

My Experience with Plants in Leca

Have you ever been curious about those plants you see that are in some weird balls instead of soil? If yes, then this is the article that can answer some questions.

Plant Swap Progress

Ways to Secret Santa Plant Swap

Joining a plant swap is a great way to share and get to know people within the plant community. It is a fun activity where we get to share our plants, talents and small surprises with one another, so why not try doing a swap this season or the next?

Holiday Cacti

Christmas VS Thanksgiving Cactus

These holiday plants are super popular during this time and sadly they do get mislabelled a lot in stores. Here are a few tips on how to identify what plant you have, what to expect and how to care for it. <3

Spidermites on Leaf

How I Deal with Houseplant Pests

It’s time to buckle up as I share with you how I’ve dealt with these pests as well as tips from other plant parents who have gone through the same pests problems: scales, mealybugs, gnats, aphids, spidermites and thrips.

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