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Author: Kimber

grapes on vine photo by David Kohler via unsplash

How to Grow Concord Grapes

Are you thinking of growing grapes? If the answer is yes, and you plan to grow concord grapes, read on to discover how easy it is to grow them at home.

Surprise you have cabbage

When Life Gives You Cabbage, Make Sauerkraut

Did you grow cabbage this year? Sauerkraut is a simple and delicious way to preserve and enjoy it. I unintentionally grew a lot of cabbage but was very excited with the opportunity to make sauerkraut.

Children love to help start seeds

How to Start Seeds Indoors this Winter

January and February are great months to start seeds indoors. The weather is likely cold where you are and the days are shorter, but you can start your gardening season this month to get a head start on planting time.

Kimber in the garden

What I Learned in a Year of Gardening

Life lessons come in many shapes and over a course of time. As I sit and reflect on this last year of gardening, I smile at all the memories made.

our dog with cabbage

How to Make a Dog Friendly Vegetable Garden

Are you considering bringing your dog down to the vegetable garden with you while you tend to your growing fruits and vegetables? Here’s how to make a dog friendly garden you both can enjoy.

Browsing seed catalogs

Seed Catalogs are Here!

Don’t have any seed catalogs in your mailbox yet? Here’s how to get your hands on free seed catalogs.

pull apart christmas tree pizza

Delicious Pull Apart Christmas Tree Pizza

Your friends are going to be so impressed when they see all your garden veggies on this easy to make, delicious pull apart Christmas tree pizza.

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