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Carved Pumpkins - Photo by Jen Theodore via unsplash

The Legends behind Jack O’Lanterns

The legends of jack o’lanterns (or jack-o’-lanterns) are surprisingly ones many people don’t seem to know. Why do we carve pumpkins and why do we call them jack o’lanterns? I love a good story, especially Irish folklore.

Tomato Canning 101

Interested in canning your own homemade pasta sauce? Follow my adventure in the kitchen with Ms. Marion to learn how to can.

11 Things you should be doing in September

September is a great time to be in the garden. The cooler weather is a warm welcome after a long hot summer. Don’t put your feet up and relax yet though. There’s still work to be done! Here are 11 things you should be doing in the garden in September.

Have a lot of Zucchini? Make Zoodles!

What are zoodles and how do you make them? All you need is a spiralizer and some zucchini and you’re on your way to a tasty dinner.

How to Host an Awesome Broccoli Party

A broccoli party? Who would ever think of such a theme? Our daughter, that’s who. This Pinterest mom couldn’t say no. Read all about our super awesome broccoli inspired birthday party so you can host one as well.

How George Washington Inspired My Garden Evolution

Almost 221 years after George Washington’s passing, he’s still making an impact on Americans. I was not inspired to lead a movement, to join the military, or to write a poem or song. No, it was much simpler than that. I was inspired to evolve my garden.

How to Grow Cauliflower

You may have heard that cauliflower is not the easiest of veggies to grow, although true, the feeling of harvesting your own delicious head of cauliflower is greatly rewarding.

How to Identify & Choose the Right Pumpkin or Winter Squash

Pumpkin season is upon us. Now is the time to harvest and enjoy pumpkins and winter squash, but can you identify the different varieties? Here’s our fall guide to choosing the right pumpkin or squash for your next autumn inspired meal.

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