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Author: Rebecca

Photo 1 - Pennies and Plants

Are Pennies a Green Thumb’s Friend?

Often you may find that people add pennies to their potted plants and garden soil. But why? And, what is it supposed to accomplish? Let’s find out.

Amazon from Above; Amazon, Rainforest, Forest, Giant Lily Pads, Victoria Amazonica, Lungs of the Earth

Things You Don’t Know About the Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest is a plant lover’s dream. Mysterious and enticing, this incredible place leaves anyone with an appreciation for greenery awestruck.

Photo 1 - Amazon Rainforest

The People Who Grew a Forest

Here are the inspiring stories of three people who stood up to climate change, and single-handedly grew their own forests for the better of their communities.

Photo 1 - Small Terrarium

How to Create a Fabulous Terrarium

Terrariums! These tiny glass-enclosed gardens are simply enchanting, and I love the idea that you can create any fantastical world you wish — all within a small container.

Eastern Bluebird on a branch

Creating a Songbird Garden

Learn how to attract songbirds to your garden by creating an environment that fosters their needs.

Cottage Garden

The Beauty of Cottage Gardens

A cottage garden is purposely designed to appear structureless, creating a care-free and romantic space where different types of greenery are closely interplanted both in-ground and in pots.

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