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Author: Rebecca

Butterfly on a plant

How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Creating a butterfly conservation garden is both an easy and enjoyable experience. And the reward? Beautiful butterflies to admire!

English Lavender plant

3 Lavender Infused Baked Treats

Incorporating English Lavender into baked goods creates an easy and charmingly different take on some of our most favorite treats. Here are three Lavender-infused recipes that are sure to delight.

Echinacea flower

A Beginner’s Guide to Medicinal Herb Gardening

Herbal Medicine is a fascinating science that’s been around for a heck of a long time. And, although becoming an expert in this field can take years, any green thumb with an open mind for learning, can get started with a few basics to build off of.

The History of the Tomato

From their Andrean origins to their global success, tomatoes have had an extraordinary journey through time.

How to Create a Tropically Inspired Garden

Just because you don’t live in the tropics, doesn’t mean that you can’t create a garden inspired by it. By selecting the right plants, and drawing upon your imagination, you can bring the tropics to you.

Escapades with Watering Bulbs

Watering bulbs! Whether creating your own or buying one, these handy green thumb companions can help your potted plants thrive by maintaining moisture levels in soil in between waterings — if used properly.

Creating A Bee-Friendly Garden

With an estimated drop of nearly 40% in North American bee colonies in 2018 alone, the impacts of our environmental footprint cannot be denied. Read on to discover more about these vital creatures, and how we can help them.

Color Psychology: Exploring Colors in your Flower Garden

The strategic use of color within our gardens can affect how we feel and can evoke an array of different ambiances. By using color psychology, you can create a space that is just right for your needs. So, what vibe do you want your garden to give? Let’s find out together.

What on Earth is Moon Gardening?

Moon Gardening — What is that? You may ask. Sure, it sounds like some sort of psychedelic experience, doesn’t it? Or maybe something out of a sci-fi story! Curious? Read on to discover what moon gardening is all about.

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