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Author: Veronica

sage leaves

Sage: A Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Better than just soothing sore throats and coughs with a lozenge, this natural sage gargle remedy takes care of the root cause of your sore throat: bacteria.

How to Keep Pets out of Plants

How to Keep Cats and Dogs out of Houseplants

Is your love for pets not meshing with your love for plants? It doesn’t have to be one or the other: we explain why pets get into plants and how to prevent that from happening again. Read on, home harmony awaits!

variegation in plants

What Causes Variegation in Houseplants?

Ever wonder what causes variegation in your houseplants, why variegation changes or reverts, or why some variegated plants are insanely rare and expensive?

Dehydrated Orchid Leaves

How to Save a Dehydrated Orchid

If your orchid’s leaves are leathery, floppy, and not firm enough to resist bending backwards, your orchid is likely dehydrated. If you peak at the root system and see withered, leathery roots, that’s even more confirmation.

Cat in Christmas Tree - jessica lewis

Holiday Houseplants: Pet Friendly vs Toxic Plants

Thinking of getting or gifting a plant this holiday season? If you or your friends have pets, please be careful and consult our list of ten common holiday plants that are toxic to pets, and five safe substitutes.

pets and plants

Safe Plants for Pets and Toxic Plants to Avoid

30 common toxic and non-toxic houseplants, plus we recommend some herbs that are healthy and enjoyable for dogs and cats to munch so that they don’t feel left out of the gardening fun.

holiday gift guide gardenstead

50+ Best Gifts for Gardeners 2020

Looking to impress the gardeners and houseplant parents in your life this holiday season? This holiday gift guide for gardeners has 50-plus special gift ideas that are sure to delight plant lovers of all stripes.

Garden Fallen Leaves

This Fall, Leave the Leaves

Leaving fallen leaves alone can improve your garden soil and help perennial plants, birds, pollinators and beneficial insects survive the winter! Read on to learn why leaves are so important and how to handle them best to benefit your garden.

Holding Basil Harvest Bowl

The Best Way to Freeze Basil for the Winter

Enjoy the fresh taste of basil all year round by stocking your freezer with basil rolls! This is the best way to harvest and freeze basil in little batches.

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