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dogwood blossoms

Beginner’s guide to choosing a tree

Have you ever thought about adding a tree to your garden but you just don’t know which tree to plant? Picking a tree can be difficult but, hopefully this guide will help you decide which tree works best for you and your home.

Trees are great to add to your garden, there are a lot of positive reasons why you should plant a tree in your yard. Trees have a very long life span and depending on the tree they can live for decades. However, there are some things to take into consideration when choosing a tree to plant in your garden.

dogwood blossoms

What to consider when choosing a tree

Height: Trees can grow very tall, and it is important to be aware that a tree can be around 30-70 ft tall. Things to look out for are power lines overhead of where you want to plant the tree, and ensure nothing could be blocking the area overhead of where your tree will grow.

Width: It is very important to consider how much space a full grown tree will take up. The base of a tree can be very wide, and you want to make sure you have enough space in your garden for when the tree reaches full maturity. Some trees also have very low hanging branches, which can make the tree look larger than it actually is.

Maintenance: Most of the time when you think of trees, you think that they are relatively low maintenance, and that is the case for a lot of trees but, some trees have fruit, nuts or seeds that they lose and it can fall in your garden, and can be a lot of work to clean up. It is important to think about how much work you want to put into maintaining your tree.

arborvitae tree

Why plant a tree?

  • They can add shade to your garden if placed in the right spot. This can cool down your yard in the warmer months.
  • Trees also help increase property value, and are considered an attractive feature to homebuyers.
  • They can also give your home more privacy and can create more space between you and your neighbors.
  • Trees can also help improve the air quality and decrease air pollution.
magnolia flower

What kind of tree should I get?

These are 4 of my favorite trees, each one is different in their own way, but nonetheless they are all great additions to a garden.

  1. Arborvitae: This tree is very low maintenance, and it is quick growing. There are many different types of arborvitae but the most common in North America is Thuja, and it grows to about 30 ft and it is very popular in residential gardens and can add a lot of privacy to your home.
  2. Flowering Dogwood: This tree is very beautiful. It is a flowering tree with white or pink petals. This tree can be between 20-40 ft and will reach their full size around 10 years.
  3. Maple: There are a wide variety of maple trees from Japanese maple to sugar maple. These trees can get really big and can live for a long time but they are very low maintenance.
  4. Magnolia: These trees can adapt and grow in almost any region and they can grow up to 80 ft. Magnolia is a flowering tree and produces very beautiful white flowers and they can also produce some fruit.
brown and yellow tree leaves

These 4 trees are all relatively low maintenance, and great trees for beginners. As time goes on a tree becomes less and less work, as it becomes more mature. For years you will have a gorgeous tree that will help spice up your home and garden.

yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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