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Aloe Vera Plant

Best plants for your return to the office

It is about that time that people are starting to return in person to their offices, after working from home because of Covid-19. Here is a list of plants that are low maintenance and perfect for keeping in your office. Adding plants to your office will help create a more inviting space, and it will make your office feel more like home.

While picking plants for your office it is important to remember that not all houseplants will be suitable for your office. This is mainly because you probably won’t be watering it as much as your plants at home. As well, some offices have a lot of windows giving your plant a lot of sunlight, but some offices are not near any windows giving your plant very little light.

Here are 6 plants that are perfect for your office:

1. Aloe

This sleek plant is perfect for the office, especially those that have a bright and sunny office. It is very easy to grow as long as you give it lots of bright light. Place it near a bright sunny window and you can leave it there for weeks. This succulent does not need to be watered often, just give it a good watering once every two weeks and it should be good to go. Read our aloe vera care guide for more tips!

Aloe Vera Plant

2. Cactus

This fun looking plant comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and is a great plant to keep at your office. Cacti love the sun so make sure you give them enough sunlight, and to water them every so often. Most people think that cacti don’t need much watering however, that is not necessarily the case, don’t overwater them but don’t underwater them either.

Cactus Plants

3. Snake Plant

This plant can grow quite big and it is very hard to kill this plant, so it could keep growing for years with proper care. However, for your office you may want to consider purchasing a dwarf variety like the ​​Futura Superba, so that it will fit better in your office space. The snake plant is great for beginners since it is very easy to care for, very hard to kill and can be easily propagated too.

Snake Plant

4. African Violet

Looking to add some color to your office? This plant is a great way to add in some color, with its beautiful violet flowers. This plant does not need much sunlight to thrive and it isn’t picky about the source of sunlight. Meaning that you can still grow a beautiful flowering plant without putting in a lot of work.

African Violet Plant

5. Pothos

This plant is also extremely easy to care for and it can adapt to a variety of different conditions. Whether your office gets lots of sunlight or very little sunlight, you can count on this plant to continue to grow in any condition. In the warmer months, water your plant once a week but in the winter months this plant can go weeks without needing to be watered.

Pothos Devils Ivy Plant

6. ZZ Plant

This popular plant will not only look perfect in your office but it needs very little sunlight and water making it one of the best plants for your office. This plant is hassle-free and it is a great plant for beginners as it is so hard to kill.

ZZ Plant
yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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