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Five Impact Flowers

Big impact flowers for small spaces

If creating an aromatic container flower garden that’s bursting with color and texture is on your “To-Do” list this summer – we’ll help you scratch it off.

Growing a flower garden, with a big impact, can be achieved with just a few containers. Whether you’re a newbie navigating the floral world or an expert looking for some new blooms to grow, these five flowers are easy to grow in containers. All you need to create the space that you’ve been visualizing is a sunny outdoor spot, some pots, soil and seedlings.

Jot down the following blooming beauties so that while cruising your local garden centre in spring, you’ll have a head start knowing which flowers will work best for your containers. The flowers listed below grow beautifully and have been curated with small spaces in mind.


Nasturtiums are fun to grow because they grow fast. Both the flower and the leaf are beautiful with loads of character. Depending on your space, you can select from either bush or vine varieties. If you have an old bookcase or any piece of furniture with some height, a vining nasturtium is a playful and creative choice, as its leaves and flowers would cascade down.

There’s an added bonus with nasturtiums too… you can eat them! Both the flower and leaf are edible with a bold peppery flavor. Not only will you enjoy their colorful blooms while sitting outside, but also in your kitchen. For culinary allure, try them as garnish on your favorite dish or sprinkled into a salad.



Calendula are bright and cheerful. They’re low-maintenance with long lasting flowers that bloom in vibrant orange and yellow colors that can last throughout spring and even into fall. Pollinators such as the bees and butterflies love them, making them a good choice to help support our hard working friends. Calendula is another edible flower often dried to make tea or other medicinal properties.

Miniature Roses

If you have limited space but are in search of a more classic flower, miniature roses are your answer. No rose growing experience? Don’t let that deter you, even those with zero rose growing experience can easily grow miniature roses. They are surprisingly hardy and far from delicate, as most assume. The only key is to stay on top of pruning the spent flowers. These full sun lovers come in a multitude of colors and are a treat to watch grow.



Not all flower fragrances are created equal but the jasmine packs a lot of power into a small bloom. If deliciously fragrant flowers for your small outdoor space is what you’re after, the little white flowers on a jasmine plant will whisk you away to utopia. You’ll want to invite friends over just to experience the impressive scent. Most jasmines are a vine that will need something to climb, plant with a small trellis to climb to ensure it stays happy.



Zinnias are an easy flower to grow and come in a variety of different colors and shapes. They have strong stems that allow for prolific blooms that can last for several weeks. Sweet! If you’re curious about starting zinnias from seed instead of buying seedlings, it’s easy! This step-by-step guide will show you just how easy it is.
yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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