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Croton Plant

Colorful houseplants: brighten your home

We’re used to most houseplants that are in a classic green color that a lot of people choose to buy for their houseplants. However, there are so many beautiful houseplants that come in a wide array of colors that will brighten up your home.

While flowers are very pretty, they don’t last forever, which is why colorful houseplants are a great alternative to keep in your home all year long.

Types of colorful houseplants

1. Croton: This plant enjoys warm weather and lots of sunlight. It is important that this plant has moist soil and is in a humid environment. Croton is a more difficult plant to grow but it is well worth it once you see the tropical colors on this houseplant.

Croton Plant

2. Tradescantia: This plant is also commonly known as the inch plant, there are many varieties of this plant and many of them come in beautiful colors of purple or pink. This plant is very easy to propagate in water or soil!

Tradescantia Plant

3. Polka dot plant: This plant usually has pink, red or white polka dots on its leaves, hence the name. This plant needs medium sunlight and should be kept in a relatively warm area.

Polka Dot Plant

4. Fittonia: This plant is very difficult to grow, it is best to grow in a terrarium as it enjoys high humidity, low sunlight and moderate temperature.

Fittonia Plant

5. Calathea: This plant is pet friendly and is known for their patterned foliage and leaf movements. This plant needs medium indirect sunlight and needs a more humid environment.

Calathea Plant

What I love about colorful houseplants is that they are different from your average houseplant and it looks more unique. As well, these houseplants are a great pop of color in your home on a gloomy winter day.

yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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