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Need a little help to solve a gardening problem? Want to brainstorm some gardening ideas with an expert? Excellent. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Do you have a plant problem you just can’t seem to solve? Interested in trying a new style of gardening (like, oh, permaculture, for example)? Or perhaps, do you need advice on how to optimize your garden space? Help is here! Book a one-on-one consultation with one of our gardening experts, and get the answers you seek!

Aaron Deacon
Founder & Owner of BIOS Nutrients

Speak with Aaron for expert advice about:
• plant pests, diseases + treatment
• lighting + environment
• soil health and watering
• plant propagation

Sean Smith
Head Proprietor & Brewer, Crooked Farmz

Sean can provide expert advice about:
• soil health
• composting
• compost teas/extracts
• backyard farming
• urban agriculture

Reid Williamson
Co-Founder, Sustainable Roots Ecological Restoration

Reid can provide expert advice about:
• Ontario Native Plant Species Selection
• garden planning
• tree planting (selection, planning, technique)
• nature connection (all ages)

Hannah Reid
Plant Scientist & Head Gardener of Inner City Trakol Kitchen Garden

Hannah can provide expert advice about:
• microgreens
• permaculture and companion planting
• vegetable garden design
• growing vegetables
• tomato growing and tomato varieties
• seedling care
• container gardening

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