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red and yellow flowers field

Floral arrangements: supporting your local floral shops

You may have thought to yourself before that floral arrangements can be kind of expensive. But in reality there is a lot of hard work involved in creating the perfect floral arrangement.

Think about Mother’s day, how many people are buying flowers for their moms on this one day. This means that everyone in this industry is working very hard to make sure that the flowers are grown and are shipped to the florists on time.

red and yellow flowers field

What goes behind the cost of a floral arrangement?

Flowers are delicate

Consider how delicate flowers are. They need special care and handling and they can die very easily. Flowers also need to be stored correctly in order to make them last longer. You may not realize it but your florist is putting in a lot of work to make sure the flowers last long and still look presentable before you buy them.

Imported Flowers

Not all the flowers you find in your local floral shop are grown in your region. This means that a lot of the time, flowers are grown in other parts of the world like the Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, and Kenya and are shipped to your floral shop. Even your classic roses are grown in other parts of the world and imported to North America. This means that not only do they need to pay many importing costs, but they also need to make sure that the flowers are stored properly or else they could die in transport.

The reason many flowers are grown internationally is because these countries have higher altitudes with cooler nights, more hours of sunlight throughout the day and in certain countries the cost of labor is cheaper.

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Labor costs

There are so many people behind the scenes that put in the work to make sure your flowers are grown to perfection. Consider the work and skill that is put into growing these special flowers. It is very easy for these flowers to develop diseases, and pests can be attracted to them, which is why it is such hard work to grow these flowers. Not just anyone can do this job, and on top of that labor costs are already very high. Especially the labor costs to grow flowers in North America, which is why it is much more common to grow flowers internationally and import them.

When you are buying flowers, and supporting your local floral shop, a higher price point means not only premium flowers but it also goes towards supporting your local businesses and the hard work involved around the world to grow beautiful flowers.

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