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Flower bouquet

Flowers to give for every occasion

Deciding what flowers to give someone for a specific occasion can be difficult. Certain flowers pair well with different occasions, and it may be hard to know which flowers to get someone. If you have ever been to a flower shop just aimlessly wandering the store wondering what to get someone, this guide is for you.

What I love about flowers is that they are such an easy and timeless gift, that anyone will love and appreciate. You can buy someone flowers for almost any occasion and they will always be loved.

Flower bouquet

Mother's Day

I love getting my mom flowers every year because it allows me to show my appreciation for my mother on mother’s day by getting her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

  • Tulips are one of my favorite flowers to get my mom, they are a representation of spring, and their bright colors are always so happy.
  • Lilies are also very beautiful and can look very elegant, and like tulips their bright colors can light up a room.
Tulips bouquet


Buying your significant other flowers on your anniversary to show your continuous love for them, will always be a very thoughtful gift.

  • Red Roses are a symbol of love and romance and are a classic flower to get someone for your anniversary.

Get Well Soon

This is to show that you are there for someone and that you care about them.

  • Chrysanthemums or carnations are always so beautiful with their bright colors and if the person is sick these flowers are great because their pollen is inside the flower and not exposed.
  • Yellow Roses will help cheer their spirits and will show that you wish them a speedy recovery.
pink and white flowers in vase


Getting someone flowers for their birthday when maybe you don’t know what else to get them, is always a great go- to gift that anyone will love.

  • If you know their favorite color, getting them a bouquet that is their favorite color could be a great birthday gift.
  • Lilies are also a great flower to give a friend that will be appreciated for their birthday.


When someone else invites you over it can be a sign of respect, by getting them a small token of your appreciation and flowers can be the perfect gift.

  • Daffodils are a sign of new beginnings, and can be a great gift for someone who just bought a new house.
yellow daffodils in vase

Baby Shower

Getting the mother to be, some beautiful flowers to mark and celebrate the joyous occasion.

  • Pastel colored roses can be very beautiful and thoughtful for a baby shower, as pastel colors usually represent newborn babies.
  • Alstroemeria, is also known as lily of the incas and they come in a variety of colors and are a beautiful gift for a new mother.
inca lilies


Graduations are a big moment for people and flowers can represent love for a proud moment that will be cherished.

  • Roses are a classic gift to get someone for their graduation.
  • You can also get them a bouquet with some beautiful bright spring flowers like lilies, carnations, daisies etc.

If you are looking to give homegrown flower arrangements, our guide to growing the easiest cut flowers is a must read. Or if you are in the Toronto area looking to buy premium flowers, Bayview Blossoms has flowers for any occasion.

yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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