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our full floral

A bounteous bouquet of pieces about flowers, flowers and more flowers! If you’re a fan of the floral, you’ve come to the right spot.

flower bouquet arrangement by monstera pexels

How to arrange flowers like a pro

Whether you’ve been given flowers you’d like to use to craft your own floral arrangement, or you’d like to make one from the flowers in your garden, with this professional guidance from Shannon of Euclid Farms you’ll have everything you need to create own gorgeous floral creation.

bed of flowers by pixabay on pexels

The power of flower food

Have you ever wondered whether you actually need to use that little packet of flower food stuff that comes with a bouquet of freshly cut flowers?

backyard flowers

How to start a backyard flower farm

Pretty amazing, actually. Go ahead and press play on part one of the inspiring story of the Brunton sisters — co-owners of Three Birds Flower Farm.

raised bed gardening

Five reasons to consider raised bed gardening

Alex Lyneel, @theenglishgardener, is back with another super helpful article, this time with tons of useful information about raised bed gardening, and why you should join him in elevating your gardens!

white orchid by skitterphoto pexels

Orchids 101: orchid care for beginners

If you have questions about caring for your orchid, we have answers! From watering to re-blooming, we have a couple of friendly videos that are sure to help you out.

bee on flower by bennito05 unsplash

The truth(s) about dandelions

April 5 is Dandelion Day! For some, a day of celebration. For others, not so much. But no matter which side of the dandelion fence you land on, here are some notions to ponder while you consider your position on the broad-leafed, yellow-flowered, rather fulsomely seedy plant.

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