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Getting Started: Growing From Seed

There’s no one and only right way to start seeds. Seed starting is as personal and diverse as gardeners themselves. But if going to the garden centre and buying seedlings that are ready to plant is so easy… why do I commit to the time and energy it takes to grow from seed?

Seed Starting
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Looking at a sea of budding green bits on my shelves after I’ve come inside from shovelling snow is an inspiring promise of the warm and sunny days to come. I am excited every. single. time. a seed germinates.


Growing from seed gives me the opportunity to try different varieties of vegetables that may not be sold as seedlings at local garden centres.


It is in the process of growing from seed that I have observed, troubleshooted and learned the most about the vegetable plants that grow in my garden year after year. Observing the full cycle of planting one teeny tiny pepper seed to harvesting a bowl of peppers from that single seed and going one step further – saving those seeds to grow next year – is enlightening.


To understand the immense dedication and time it takes for a single tomato to grow is to respect food, the earth and all of its gifts. Pre-vegetable-growing Jaz would not have thought too much about discarding the fronds of a carrot… post-vegetable-growing Jaz uses every part of that carrot! Did you know fronds make wonderful pesto? It is also wonderful used as garnish. So fancy.


I make a point to slow down when I garden, especially when I start seeds. Life feels too fast sometimes. Turn off your phone. Put on some good music. Sit down, get your hands dirty and start a garden.

Ok but HOW do you start a garden?

How do you start from seed? It can feel daunting to start seeds for the first time but here are thoughts to mull over before you get started. This “how” section is simplified – on purpose – because when you are just starting out, don’t overthink it. Seeds, water, soil and a small container are the start of a garden.

Bare bones important bits:

Final tips for success

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