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Terrarium Plant Hangers

Gift guide 2021 for houseplant lovers

Contemplating what gifts to get your friends or family members who have a green thumb? I know your first thought is to probably buy them another houseplant, but how about branching out and thinking outside the box. There are plenty of unique and interesting gifts that are perfect for your houseplant loving friends. Here is a list of 15 gifts to get your plant loving friends.

Spectrum LED Indoor Plant Growing Light Bulb

What’s great about this gift is that it is relatively inexpensive, and anyone that loves houseplants, will be grateful for this gift.

Plant Mist Spray Bottle

This beautiful spray bottle not only serves an aesthetic purpose, but it is also very practical for those who have houseplants that need a bit more humidity.

Elephant Plant Pots

These pots are shaped as elephants and they are perfect for succulents. It comes with two, and their trunks form a heart when placed together. It is a great gift for a friend or family member to show them how much you care about them.

Macrame Plant Hangers

These are great for showing off your plants and hanging them around your home. This set comes with 4 plant hangers and will look beautiful in anyone’s home. If you prefer gifting a homemade version, check out our DIY plant hangers.

Bonsai Tool Kit and Bonsai 101 Book

This unique gift comes with all the tools you need to grow a bonsai plant, as well as a book with all the essential tips and tricks.

Terrarium Plant Hangers

This is not only a beautiful house gift but it is also very helpful for plants that require more humidity.

Watering Can

Gifting your friend a chic watering can, will look pretty and is a very practical gift that they can use everyday.

Cactus Tealight Candles

These gorgeous little candles shaped as cacti are such a thoughtful gift. Once they see how amazing the cacti look, they might not even want to burn the candle as it is so beautiful.

Plant Self Watering Bulbs

These two self watering plant bulbs are adorable. You fill the glass bird with water and it can water your plants for up to three weeks. Your friends will love this because now they can go on vacation without having to hire someone to water their plants when they are away. Check out our article on how watering bulbs work and most importantly how to make sure you use them properly.

Watercolor Succulents Journal

Journals are a great way to take time for yourself and write about your days, or your thoughts. They can also be used for writing about your plants and keeping track of the new things you’ve noticed or new tips and tricks you’ve learned.

Floral Plant Pattern Shower Curtain

Maybe you don’t want to get your friend something obviously plant related, so how about a shower curtain with a beautiful pattern of plants on it? It is very practical and will look great in their bathroom.

Hanging Planter Vase Wall Decor

These are very pretty and are easy to install and hang on your wall, your plant friends will love this gift.

Tabletop Bonsai Tree Light Lamp

This battery operated light is very beautiful and will look great around anyone’s home.

Mist Humidifier

Your plant friends will love this gift. It is very helpful if you have houseplants that need more humidity.

How Not to Kill Your Houseplant Book

This book is filled with tips and tricks that all houseplant parents will find useful to help keep their plants alive.

All of these gifts are perfect for anyone of any age and gender, as long as they love houseplants we can guarantee there is a gift here that they will enjoy!

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