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The Gorilla Cart — a super useful garden tool

So much to love about the Gorilla Cart

I’m going to say this straight — I love our Gorilla Cart. We use our cart in the garden throughout the season, for planting, hauling supplies and tools, as well as for moving weeds to the compost heap. 

A friend of ours recommended we get one of these garden carts. And, after some time using ours, I can recommend them with total confidence to anyone who’s wondering, “but are Gorilla Carts worth their cost?” Yes, they are. For several reasons.

It makes gardening easier

Our garden is situated down a gentle hill, a little over 250 feet (76 meters) from the house. Far enough away that it’s inconvenient to make multiple trips up and down the hill when I’m moving plants and garden supplies.

A traditional wheelbarrow would work fine for my garden jobs. But. When there’s a better option, why settle for fine? Especially on difficult terrain like ours. The Gorilla Cart is easier to use, and I can move more stuff with it. 

Easy to handle

Why do I love this cart? Even with heavy loads, I love how easy it is to pull or push. It turns on a dime. As a result, it’s easy to maneuver around children running by. It’s easier to turn than a wheelbarrow. The cart is light, but durable, with a poly tub bed and a powder-covered steel frame. Its 10-inch pneumatic tires roll well over all kinds of surfaces, including wet grass. 

Empties completely with the dump mechanism

Because the poly bed is so light, it’s easy to lift the tub all the way up with the quick release dumping handle to dump out what you’re hauling. And I like that everything dumps out when you lift the tub, leaving nothing behind. It’s hard to overstate how useful this simple dumping feature is, when, for example, you’re emptying out a full load of soil.

Multiple uses

We’ve used our cart for many things, including hauling children up and down the hill (likely not an official use), bringing plants and supplies to and from the garden and moving stone for the path. It’s pretty heavy duty, and handled all these varying loads with no difficulty. They rate these sorts of poly yard carts for various loads. They rated ours to carry 600 pounds, which means we can move heavier stuff to and from our garden without worrying about over-loading. 

Easy to clean

The manufacturer (Tricam) describes the poly tub as “maintenance free” and this has been true. It’s also easy to clean, and I can wash out the tub with a hose or a bucket of water. This feature was especially useful when I had to remove the residue left behind by moving the stone mentioned above.

My kids love it

An unexpected bonus with this cart is that it keeps our children occupied while I pull weeds, something anyone who has youngsters that like to “help” in the garden will appreciate. They love to fill the cart’s tub with dirt, rocks and water, and tow it around. It doesn’t leak and they can move the cart about with ease. 

We’ve had only one problem with how easy the cart is to move. Last summer, our six-year-old let go of its handle and it rolled down the hill into the tree line. Our son was fine, and so was the cart. However, I was not… the mosquitoes enjoyed a feast on my arms and neck as I retrieved the cart from the trees.

Worth the price

I use our cart almost every day, and we’ve gotten our money’s worth out of it. We bought ours at Lowe’s, but they’re available in lots of garden centres and online. It’s true, as with many of these sorts of four-wheel carts, that they’re a bit on the pricey side, but well worth their cost.

Good works

I’m happy with the performance and durability of our cart, but it’s also nice to feel good about with the company that makes them. Gorilla Carts are owned by Tricam Industries, an American company in Minnesota, and they “work with Habitat for Humanity to help build homes and communities that are healthy, safe and affordable, and with Save Our Monarchs to help boost the monarch butterfly population.” 

What have you used to move supplies to and from your garden? Do you have a garden dump cart like the Gorilla Cart, or do you use a more traditional wheelbarrow?

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Gorilla Cart

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