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Gorilla Carts, Making Hauling Garden Supplies Manageable

When you have so many amazing new plants, you can’t carry them all at once. Gorilla Carts keep you from leaving plants behind.

I love the Gorilla Cart that we use in the garden. A friend recommended it to us, and now I can recommend it with confidence to you. It has made gardening so much easier. As the garden is a little over 250 feet (76 meters) down a hill from our house, it is inconvenient to make multiple trips up and down the hill to move new plants and garden supplies. Sure, a traditional wheelbarrow would have been fine, but why settle for fine when there are better options?

Why do I love the Gorilla Cart? I love how easy it is to pull or push the cart. It turns on a dime, making it easy to maneuver around our children running by, as well as turning around to go back up the hill. The cart is light, but durable. It has a poly tub and a powder-covered steel frame. It’s easy to lift the tub all the way up with the yellow handle so that you can dump out what you are hauling, if needed.

We have used the Gorilla Cart for many things including: bringing children up and down the hill (probably not an official use!), bringing new plants and supplies to and from the garden and moving stone for the garden path. It has handled all of the loads without any problems. It also washes out quickly, which was really helpful when residue was left behind after moving the rocks.

A bonus is that it keeps our children occupied while I pull weeds in the garden. They like to fill it with dirt, rocks and water. It doesn’t leak and they can move the cart easily. The only problem we’ve had with it was when our six year old let go of the handle and it rolled down the hill into the tree line. The cart was fine and so was our son. I, on the other hand, was not, as the bugs bit me on my way to retrieve it.

I use the Gorilla Cart almost every day. We’ve certainly gotten our money’s worth out of it. We bought it at Lowe’s, but it’s available in many garden centers and online. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it.

I feel happy with the performance and durability of the Gorilla Cart as well as with the company that makes it. Gorilla Carts are owned by Tricam Industries, which is an American company located in Minnesota. They support Habitat for Humanity and Save Our Monarchs.

What do you use to move supplies to and from the garden?
Do you have a Gorilla Cart or are you using a more traditional wheelbarrow?

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Gorilla Cart

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