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Got leaves?

It’s that time of year, the leaves are dropping. What to do with that mountain of leaves you’ve raked into a pile? Well after you jump into that pile a handful of times, use them in your compost!
Niki Shows us that you don’t need a fancy set up to compost and it will be great to have for your future garden.
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My sister just dropped off the perfect gift - 22 bags of shredded leaves! 🍂❤️Therefore, I’m spending some time this afternoon building free-formed compost piles at the end of the garden. I typically make a four foot diameter compost bin from a circle of chicken wire but chicken wire is in short supply these days and I don’t have any extra on hand. That’s ok, a free-formed pile also does the trick. As I build the pile I’m layering organic materials I have on hand - shredded leaves, half rotted straw, spent garden plants, etc. You can also add fruit and veggie peels, coffee grounds, aged manure, and other organic materials. I’m not being super precise with my carbon-nitrogen ratio as I’m not in a hurry for these piles to break down. That said, the shredded leaves are mixed with grass clippings, a nitrogen source, and that will help encourage the decomposition process. I normally would water the piles to add moisture but we’re getting some rain tonight so I won’t bother. Making your own compost isn’t difficult and it’s such a great way to feed your garden soil. What’s your go-to compost set-up? 🍂 . . . . . . #garden #gardening #gardens #gardenlife #gardenlove #gyo #growyourown #growyourownfood #homegrown #vegetablegarden #vegetablegardening #allotment #homegarden #organicgarden #organicgardening #urbangarden #ediblegarden #growwhatyoueat #fallgarden #greenthumb #kitchengarden #soil #instagardeners #mygarden #gardentotable #raisedbeds #diy #compost #composting #timelapse

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