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Handy set of gardening tools from Amazon

Product Recommendation, Nouvcoo
10 Piece Stainless Steel Gardening Set

Whether you’re just entering the gardening world, or shopping for a gardener in your life (or for yourself!), I would like to share my suggestion regarding a 10pcs gardening set I purchased this year from Amazon. My tools were misplaced over winter and as the gardening season started during the Covid-19 pandemic, not many stores were easily accessible for purchasing non-essential items. So cue Amazon! I spent quite some time reading the reviews and narrowing down my options. While shopping online I strongly encourage you to shop wisely by reading the reviews and details in the description. I ended up settling on this set for its aesthetic appeal and the variety of tools that it included.

Pricing and Shipping Time.

It is truly a great, little starter set with all the necessary gardening tools that someone needs to get going. While there are a variety of options on Amazon, I purchased the Nouvcoo 10-Piece Set. It was well priced at $48.99CAD (including shipping). It arrived within 3 days and I am quite happy with the quality.

Products Included.

Although the bag it comes in is a bit flimsy, it seems strong enough and has held up well so far.
The set came with two different sized trowels, a flat fork, a small raking tool, a weeder, gloves, a misting bottle, twine, and pruners.


I use all the tools provided on a regular basis when maintaining my garden and houseplants. All of the tools are stainless steel and are quite durable, except for the pruners which were duller than I would have liked. Still functional but they’ll need to be sharpened shortly. Otherwise the gloves are good quality and the other tools are in working condition and have held up the past three months that I have used them. Overall, it is a solid buy for the price and turn around time on delivery!


The handles on all of the tools will become stained over time but personally this is not a significant concern for me. The comfortable ergonomic grip makes them well worth it despite the soil eventually discolouring the light-colored rubber on them. The bag, while a little flimsy as stated, is convenient in that it has strong handles, a variety of pockets and holders for each tool so you can keep them organized. I have washed it once and it came out looking brand new which is always a nice feature for something regularly exposed to the elements.

Overall Score:

My Rating:
Personally I rate the product 4 out of 5 for general use and design. Which is in line with what other buyers have rated it on Amazon. I would certainly buy it again and purchase it as a gift for garden enthusiasts. The convenience of being able to order and ship it online is always a big bonus, especially if you are in an area with limited or restricted access to shops at the moment.

Amazon Rating:
4.1 Stars
58% 5 star ratings
19% 4 star ratings

Happy Gardening!

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Nouvcoo 10 pc set

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