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Harvest time in the community

Our community of gardeners is amazing.

All season long, people in the gardenstead Vegetable Gardening Facebook group have been posting images of their growing journey, from starting seeds indoors to transplanting outdoors, to growing, staking, trellising, watering, caring for, pest managing, and joyful spotting-of-fruit.

And now, it’s getting to peak harvest time for many of us, and the actual fruits of our labours are being plucked, picked, snipped and dug up. And it is glorious.

We ran a photo contest recently, inviting folks to submit images of their garden bounty (and boy, did they submit, and we are so grateful). We loved the photos so much, we created a friendly little video to celebrate the joy of harvest time.

In the abundant spirit of the season, here’s to gardening. May it continue to sustain all of us in all of its many, wonderful ways.
yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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