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Do you have a thing for houseplants? Us too! So, we thought we’d share some of our thoughts about them here.

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The healthy soil series, part 2: digging deep

In this next segment, Aaron’s going to take us through a little bit of diagnosis, to help you find out if your plant’s soil is doing well, or if it needs a little TLC so it can do its best job of nourishing and helping to ensure good, lovely plant growth.

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Orchid care: soak it back to life

If your orchid’s leaves are leathery, floppy, and not firm enough to resist when you (gently) bend them backwards, we hate to say it, but it’s likely dehydrated.

down to earth by gardenstead

Down To Earth by gardenstead

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our flower shop has had a bit of a makeover! Yes, even flower shops need refreshing now and then and so, what was formerly known as Bayview Blossoms is now Down to Earth by gardenstead.

exploring plants

Searching for a better way to feed plants

Aaron Deacon was frustrated by the scarcity of natural solutions for feeding plants and supplementing soil. Thinking there had to be a better way to feed his plants, Aaron started to search for a solution.

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