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Garden ladder

How to decorate your garden

There are so many ways to spice up your garden with some fun decor pieces that will help tie your garden all together. These things will take your garden to the next level and will help create a beautiful space at your home.

It is important to think about items that will compliment your garden and your plants. Here is a list of 7 items that will help create the perfect garden.

1. Add a birdhouse. If you love songbirds or beneficial birds in your garden, create a space for them to come visit. You can either buy one, or it is very easy to make your own if you chose, this can be a fun DIY activity to do one day this summer.

Cedar Bluebird House

2.Put a bird bath in your garden. Going along with the bird idea, a bird bath can look very beautiful in your garden. Not only will it attract more wildlife but it is a great way to decorate your garden with some fun accessories.

Garden Bird Bath

3. Reuse old items as garden decor. Like an old wooden ladder, to hang plants off, or an old wheelbarrow, or even old furniture. This is a great way to get more use out of your old items and refurbish it into something new.

Garden chair
Garden ladder

4. Hang lights around the fence of your backyard. If you love sitting in your backyard in the evening, adding lights can not only make it easier to see in the dark but it will be very beautiful at night.

Outdoor String Lights

5. Add color to your garden. You can do this by adding colorful planters, or painting your garden beds a fun color.

Metal Iron Hanging Planter Pots with Hooks

6. Place garden gnomes in and around your garden. Garden gnomes are supposedly a symbol of good luck and they are believed to protect your garden. They are also just a fun way to decorate your garden with. You could even make your own DIY garden gnomes.

Garden Gnome Statue

7. Consider investing in some outdoor furniture. If you love sitting in your backyard in the summer, investing in outdoor patio furniture can help create a cosy atmosphere. It can be a great place to relax and have friends and family over in the warmer months. Investing in your outdoor furniture may even increase your home value.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

All of these items are not too expensive, but will help create a beautiful garden that you can enjoy this summer!

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