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How to design a colorful flower garden


One of the first years I started growing vegetables, I remember looking out at the garden mid-season when the crops were in their prime. I stood in awe of the beauty of all of the plants that were growing happily – healthy and strong. Everything looked green and great. But… something was missing.


I needed color. I needed more than shades of green. I needed flowers! Beside adding diversity and a rich color palette into my veggie patch, I learned that I am not the only one who needs them.

Now my garden will never bee (pun intended) without big blooming flowers. Not to mention beauty, these are the top three reasons I grow blooms alongside my veggies:

1. Pollinators

We need pollinators and pollinators need flowers. In seeking out color, I discovered pollinators and their vital importance in our world. Flowers bring all the bees, birds, and butterflies to my yard (and other pollinators and beneficial insects too, but that alliteration was too good) The importance of adding pollinators to an edible garden is commonly overlooked. Create space for them in your garden.

2. Companion Planting

Flowers can fight for the health of your vegetables!? Say what! It’s true, for example, aphids are likely to end up on your nasturtiums instead of the tomatoes. How great is that? Marigolds have the power to repel unwanted beetles that might munch your edibles.

3. Biodiversity

Expanding the variety and diversity of the plants in your garden will improve the wildlife and pollinators. Create a mini world within your space and your garden will thrive.

Planting flowers is now a must in my garden for all the reasons above and beyond. That being said, vegetables can be high-maintenance (and we all know I like low-maintenance plants!) so what I look for in a flower is that it is easy to grow and take care of. Here’s a selection of my favourite easy-to-grow and low-maintenance flowers to add to your veggie garden now:








yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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