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How to enjoy gardening indoors during winter

Are you wondering how you can continue gardening even during the winter? As the weather begins to cool down, it may no longer be possible to continue gardening outdoors. However, here are some fun ways to continue gardening indoors during the winter months.

Kitchen herb garden:

You can start a herb garden right in your kitchen. It is just as easy as growing herbs outdoors, you can simply grow them in containers and watch them grow. The best part is that whenever you need to use one of the herbs, they are right there and you can easily take some. There are also simple tools to help you grow herbs indoors, like the smart herb garden that has LED lights that helps ensure herb growth. Some of the best herbs to grow indoors are basil, thyme, mint and oregano.

herb garden indoors


This form of gardening requires no soil, and instead your plants roots are submerged in a nutrient filled water. This form of gardening allows for faster growth and in some cases can produce larger growth. You can grow vegetables, flowers and herbs in a hydroponic system.

Here are 6 types of hydroponics systems:

  • Wick Hydroponic System
  • Water Culture Hydroponic System
  • Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System
  • Drip Hydroponic System
  • Nutrient Film Technology (NFT) Hydroponic System
  • Aeroponic Hydroponic System

Seed starting indoors:

There are many benefits to starting seeds indoors rather than just buying a young plant and planting it in your garden. Starting seeds allows you to save more money, as buying a bunch of small plants can be more expensive. As well, in cooler climates it can make more sense to start your seeds indoors as there is a shorter growing season. Not all vegetables should be started indoors, but there are lots of vegetables that will fare better being started indoors, including broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes and celery.

tomato seedling


Houseplants can be grown all year round, but during the winter months while you may not be able to work on your garden outside, why not focus more of your time on your houseplants?

Here are 4 houseplants that will survive during dark, cold and dry winters:

  • ZZ plant
  • White christmas cactus
  • Jade plant
  • Snake plant
christmas cactus
yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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