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How to Make your Floral Arrangement Last Longer

Have you just bought a floral arrangement for your living room and you are wondering how to make it last longer? Well we got you covered with some of the best tips and tricks to keeping your floral arrangement looking beautiful for longer!

I love keeping floral arrangements around my home, especially in the summertime. The bright and beautiful colored flowers always liven up my home. The only problem is that I find floral arrangements can sometimes be pricey, especially if you are constantly buying new flowers every few weeks.

I love growing my own cut flowers in my garden, and they always make for beautiful handcrafted floral arrangements. However, if I decide to purchase a floral arrangement, or sometimes my friends and family will give me floral arrangements for special occasions, I have some tips to make them last longer!

Floral arrangement

How to make my floral arrangements last longer?

  • Cut a few inches off the stems before you put them in water. Make sure to use sharp kitchen scissors, or garden shears to do this. Always make sure to cut at an angle and this will help your flowers absorb water better.
  • You should also continue to trim your flowers every few days.
  • Remove extra leaves that will end up sitting in the water. This is to ensure that bacteria doesn’t grow. Check your flowers everyday for dead leaves and petals.
  • Picking the right vase does make a difference! Bigger and heavier bloomed flowers should be kept short and put in a shorter vase, while lighter flowers can be kept in a tall vase.
  • It is extremely important to change the water every few days. While you change the water, it is important to clean the vase at the same time.
  • Sometimes when you buy flowers, they will come with flower food, make sure that it is completely mixed in before you add your flowers into the vase.
  • Keep your flowers in a location that does not have direct sunlight. As well as, away from appliances like the stove, that generate a lot of heat. Floral arrangements are better off in a cooler room, and they will last longer if they are not placed in direct heat.
Assorted Floral arrangement
Floral arrangement in vase

These are just some of the tips and tricks that I find work best for preserving my floral arrangements for a longer period of time!

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