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square foot gardening

How to maximize garden space

We all wish we had more space in our garden to be able to grow more vegetables and plants. While you may not be able to expand your garden space, there are a few tricks that can help maximize your space and help you utilize your whole garden.

4 tricks to maximizing the space in your garden:

1. Companion Planting

Companion Planting is a very effective method if you want to grow more variety in your garden. Organizing your garden and planting things that pair well together is a more efficient way of gardening. The benefits of this is that certain combinations can make them more productive, as they have complementary nutrient requirements and growth patterns. It can also improve plant and soil health as well as repel pests. One of the more notable examples of companion planting, is the three sister method, which is when corn, beans and squash are planted together as they complement each other.


2. Grow vertically (use a trellis)

The purpose of a trellis is to support plants and to help them grow straight. They can be easily made if you find yourself handy or you can purchase one. Trellis’ work especially well for plants and vegetables that normally take up a lot of space on the ground like cucumbers.

The other option if you are looking to grow vertically is you can grow along your fence. You can use your fence to support your plants in helping them grow straight. This is a similar idea to using a trellis, just instead your fence can support your plants.


3. Square foot gardening

This is a great way to maximize your garden bed. You want to start by dividing your garden bed into equal sections and then you want to choose a different vegetable or plant to grow in each section. This way you are able to grow a variety of different species in one garden bed. You’ll be able to harvest a lot from such a small space and it is ideal for gardeners who are tight on room in their garden.

square foot gardening

4. Grow in containers

Growing in containers is not only practical but they can look great in your garden as well. If you don’t have space in your garden you can still grow your vegetables and flowers from containers. Remember to pick a container that will be large enough for your plants to grow. If you plan on growing a root vegetable in a container, be mindful of how deep it is as the root systems can get very large. As well, remember to pick a container that has holes on the bottom for adequate drainage.

container gardening
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