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How to use plants to decorate your space

Looking for a new way to decorate your home? Or maybe just simply interested in spicing up your home decor? Houseplants are the perfect accessory to warm up any room to make it more welcoming and cheerful.

houseplant aesthetic

The best thing about houseplants is that they come in such a large variety of sizes and colors, so it is almost impossible to not find a houseplant that matches your style of home decor.

Adding plants to your home could also increase the value of your home. If interested, check out our interview with a realtor on the impact plants can have on home value.

What are some different ways to use houseplants to decorate?

Buying plants in twos: Purchasing two of the same houseplants and using them to fill spaces in your home. Purchasing two of the same plants allows for there to be symmetry in a room. Instead of purchasing you could also propagate an existing plant. You can either put the plants on a windowsill or if you have a night table on either side of your bed you could add a plant on each night table. If they are bigger houseplants you could put them on either side of your living room.

Filling the empty spaces: One of the great things about houseplants is that they are perfect for filling the small spaces that you don’t know what to do with. Whether you have extra space on a bookshelf or on a small dresser, plants like succulents can look great in these spaces that you may not have known what to do with. They won’t look out of place and they will help warm up the space.

Floor plants: Large floor plants are perfect to add to larger empty spaces in a room. If you have an empty corner that could be filled, a tall floor plant could fill that space, while not overcrowding it at the same time.

Centerpieces: Placing plants or even some wildflowers as a table centerpiece on your dining room table. Not only can it be a conversation starter, but it will look beautiful and will dress up your dining room.

Hanging plants: Placing plants in hanging planters, can make a room come alive, you can hang them by a windowsill or even in your bathroom.

There are many different ways to spice up a home with houseplants. These are just a few methods on how to use houseplants to help decorate a space.

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