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Introducing gardening consultant Reid Williamson

Reid Williamson, co-owner of Sustainable Roots Ecological Restoration has joined our roster of gardening consultants. We couldn’t be more delighted! Reid has extensive experience in invasive plant species management, Ontario native plant selection, tree and shrub planting and garden planning.

We first met Reid in 2022, when we took part in a garlic mustard workshop she ran at the Humber Arboretum in Toronto. Reid not only provided instruction about how to identify garlic mustard and how to remove it, but also how to make good use of it. And along the way, she taught us a lot about native plants, forest environments, pollinators and seed dispersal.

Consult with Reid

Reid has a degree in environmental studies and sociology, and is an organic horticulture specialist. Her company, Sustainable Roots Ecological Restoration, is a member of Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association. And, two quick facts: in 2022, Reid and her staff planted more than 3,000 native trees and shrubs in Southern Ontario. They also planted or distributed over 5,000 native perennials to gardens and homes in the Ontario region.

In other words, when you speak with Reid, you’ll get a lot of useful, exceedingly well-informed professional advice. She knows her stuff. What stuff? Read on below for Reid’s specialities.

Invasive plant species management

Reid can help you identify invasive plant species in your yard, and work with you to develop an effective management plan. Together, you and she can create a solution that’s tailored to your specific needs and situation. Reid can also advise about the safe removal of plants such as giant hogweed and wild parsnip (among others).

Ontario native plant selection

Native plants are ones which have adapted with their local climate, soil and weather conditions. They are often more resistant to pests, diseases and adverse conditions like drought. Reid can help you choose the right plants for your particular garden, based on your soil, sun and shade conditions and available space. Save time and money — speak with Reid for a customized solution for your space! (And start benefiting your local ecosystem that much more quickly. It’s a win-win!)

Professional garden planning consultation

The best way to create a garden that’s both functional and beautiful is to get some expert advice before you start. Reid can offer tailor-made solutions for your property and particular garden situation and help you make the most of your budget. She’ll also provide expert tips for long-term maintenance and care. In the end, together you’ll get a garden that works for your space, increases your property value, and gives you great joy. All good things.

Expert tree and shrub planting advice

From tree species choice to site selection to site preparation, Reid can advise you in all aspects of tree planting. Based on the information you provide, Reid can help you determine what kind of soil you have, its condition, and if it needs amending to suit your new tree.

Reid can also provide guidance about planting depth, drainage, how to manage competing vegetation, and how to water and care for your tree after planting it.

Book a consultation with Reid and help your garden, yard and/or new tree thrive.

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