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Invasive Plant Species to Watch Out For in your Garden

There are certain species of plants that gardeners should beware of so that they don’t overrun your garden. These plants can be very invasive and difficult to manage, especially for beginner gardeners. If they do take over your garden they can be quite the pain to remove.

angels trumpet

What makes a plant invasive?

Invasive plants are plants that spread very quickly and are able to cultivate an area that they aren’t meant to. They are also able to crowd out their neighbors and take over their space. A lot of invasive plants are very difficult to manage and remove, which is why it may not be the best idea to plant these species in your garden.

To classify an invasive plant, it has to have originated from another continent, and have adapted over time. These plants can also be very harmful to their surrounding environment, damaging other plants and species around them.

Invasive plant species

1. Norway maple trees:

These trees are very large and can reach up to 50 ft, however, they produce lots of seeds and they spread very easily and end up invading environments that they shouldn’t.

norway maple leaf
2. English ivy

This plant is very destructive to other plants and will compete with them for space and sunlight. Once this is planted it becomes almost impossible to remove it. English ivy also produces lots of berries that are very poisonous to people and pets.

english ivy
3. Butterfly bush

While it may be a beautiful plant, it is very invasive and each plant carries thousands of seeds that spread very quickly. However, if you’re looking to create a butterfly garden and don’t mind the plant spreading in your garden, this might be the right plant for you.

butterfly bush
4. Kudzu

This vine is in the pea family, and it grows little purple flowers. However, this plant grows extremely fast and can grow up to 100ft in one season. It is considered one of the most invasive plant species in the United States because of how fast it spreads.

kudzu flower
5. Trumpet creeper

This vine produces beautiful orange flowers which attracts many people into planting this vine, however, it is very difficult to manage and is very aggressive and invasive.

wild trumpet creeper
6. Japanese knotweed

It is very difficult to get rid of because of its ability to duplicate very quickly. This plant is very resilient and is able to grow through concrete and along wetlands and moving water, this plant is able to grow in a wide variety of territories making it an even worse invasive plant.

japanese knotweed

Hopefully this list of invasive plants helps you avoid them while picking plants to add to your garden.

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