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miracle fruit

Miracle Fruit: A Surprise for Your Sweet Tooth

miracle fruit

October is the time we transform our homes with fun spooky decorations but can we play a trick on our taste buds?

Have you ever heard of a small berry called miracle fruit? This fruit is a native to West Africa, it’s an evergreen shrub that grows in tropical climates. Miracle fruit is also known as miracle berry or its scientific name, Synsepalum dulcificum.

cut miracle fruit

The berry itself has little to no taste and there is a large pit in the middle. Carefully eat the white pulp around the pit and your taste buds are transformed. Take a bite out of a sour lemon and discover it tastes sweet! Depending on the amount of miracle fruit consumed everything will taste sweet for about 30 minutes to 2 hours. I have been lucky enough to experience this red berry and can assure it’s quite the experience!

How is this possible? Glycoproteins is how! Miracle fruits contain glycoproteins called miraculin. Miraculin reacts with the acidity of sour or bitter foods causing them to taste sweet.

miracle fruit shrub

Trick or treat! I say both! Let’s trick our taste buds into eating something sweet and delicious like a sweet lemon! Have you been lucky enough to experience miracle fruit? What are some new and interesting fruits or vegetables you’ve tried for the first time?

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