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Kiss The Ground Movie

Must-watch movies for gardeners

There are so many great documentaries and movies to watch if you have an interest in gardening, sustainability or farming. What is amazing about these films is that they all showcase the significance of gardening. You are able to learn a lot about gardening, and in each story, we go through a journey about why gardening and farming is important to them.

Watching films is a great and easy way to learn more about gardening practices. There are so many great films about gardening and farming, let’s take a look at 5 exceptional films and documentaries about this topic.

1. Kiss the Ground

Kiss The Ground Movie

This documentary sheds light on a farming approach called regenerative agriculture to help combat climate change. Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that focuses on enhancing the resources it uses, rather than destroying them. This film focuses on the importance of saving our planet, and how we can be more sustainable while farming.

2. The Trader

The Trader Movie

This documentary takes place in a rural area in the Republic of Georgia, where potatoes are the only form of currency as many of these people are battling poverty. It follows a travelling trader as this man goes around selling his second hand items in exchange for potatoes.

Many have the privilege to have disposable income to spend on food. However, with this documentary we are able to see how poverty has affected this rural area in Georgia.
What is great about this film is that we are able to see first hand the importance of farming, and how these people rely on their potato crops to survive.

3. Back to Eden

Back To Eden Movie

This is a great educational documentary about no-till gardening. This is a method to conserve water and regenerate the soil while planting, by adding wood chips to the top of the soil. This film is about an American gardener named Paul Gautschi and his movement called “ Back to Eden Gardening”.

What is amazing about this film is that it teaches other gardeners about alternatives to regular gardening practices.

4. Minari

Minari Movie

This film takes place in Arkansas and it follows a Korean family and how they rely on farming to provide a life for themselves in America. Through this film we are able to see this family, through the ups and downs of farming and how their lives have rested upon their farm.

Minari is a very touching film as we not only learn about the importance of farming, but also about the significance of family.

5. The Gardener

The Gardener Movie

This film is about Frank Cabot and his garden, Les Quatre Vents. He had made a large impact on the gardening world and in this documentary we are able to see the true meaning of gardening and the impact it has on us.

These five films are a must watch, and they are all very impactful, while discussing the world of farming and gardening. If you are looking for more movie recommendations, check out our favorite documentaries that explore sustainability.

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