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planting seeds

Planting seeds in the fall

Have you ever tried planting some of your seeds in the fall? Planting your seeds in the fall can give you a head start on your annual beds. As they will bloom sooner than if you were to plant your seeds in the spring.

planting seeds

What plants should I sow in the fall?

When choosing seeds for planting, it is important that you pick plants that will do well in your region. Depending on where you live there will be different plants that will do better than others. Most plants that say they need a cold stratification will typically be good for autumn seed planting if you are in zones 3-8.

If you are still a little unsure what seeds to plant, here are some flowers that will do well in lots of regions for planting in the fall;

purple coneflower

Depending on your region, there are also many varieties of vegetables you may be able to plant in the fall.


Preparing for a fall garden:

  • Clean up your garden, this includes removing any weeds, fallen fruits, rocks etc.
  • Prepare your soil, use a rake and loosen the soil and then add a layer of compost on top.
  • You may want to also consider buying your seeds in the spring as there might be less of a variety come the fall.
raking soil

When to sow the seeds in the fall?

If you are planting vegetables for a fall garden you should plant them in late summer to ensure that the vegetables are harvested before the first frost.

For flower planting, if you live in a really cold area that experiences harsh winters, do not sow the seeds until after a really cold frost. Planting your seeds too early in the fall can cause them to start growing to then be killed by the cold. If you do see a seedling, cover it with mulch. If you experience a warmer winter, plant your seeds during the late fall or early winter, right before the rainy season. You want your seeds to stay down, and then right when winter is ending and spring is arriving, your seeds will sprout.

yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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