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It's Grow Time - Garden Gnomes

How to make quick & easy garden gnomes

I am a crafty person, but I have many friends who are not. They say they love following the things I make, but they could never make them themselves. I like to include everyone and often tell friends that of course they can make anything. I realized that it’s not so much that some people aren’t crafty, it’s that they don’t know where to start and that they get overwhelmed with highly detailed projects. So inspiration and direction on a quick and easy craft is the key to turning non-crafty people into crafty people. Challenge accepted! Here’s a quick and easy garden gnome even non-crafty people can make and feel great about.

Why Garden Gnomes?

It's Grow Time - Garden Gnomes

Why not! I love garden gnomes. Every garden should have at least one. They are whimsical and fun and brighten any garden. Do you have a garden gnome?

I lived in Germany when I was a child and have fond memories of seeing garden gnomes there. I still get excited when a friend surprises me with a new gnome, just as I did as a child. With their pointy hats and long beards, who couldn’t love a tiny gnome?

This quick and easy craft was inspired by these memories and the fact that my non-crafty friends all have gardens so they will have a place for their homemade gnomes. So how easy is this craft? It only requires a few items and a short time to make them. Let’s get started.

What supplies do you need?

You really only need a few things to make garden gnomes, which is perfect for people that don’t have a large craft stash. In fact, you only need four things:

  • Air-drying clay
  • Acrylic paint in various colors
  • A paint brush
  • A permanent black marker

How do you make garden gnomes?

You can make these miniature garden gnomes in only 3 steps. Yes, I said three steps. How easy is that?

  1. Take a small handful of ready to use air-drying clay and shape it to look like a garden gnome. Note that the bigger or thicker they are, the longer they will take to dry. I chose to make my garden gnomes about three inches (7.62cm) tall and up to two inches wide (5 cm).

    Once you are happy with the gnomes, set them out to dry overnight.

  2. When the gnomes are dry, it’s time to paint them. Choose whatever colors you would like. Traditional gnomes have red pointy hats, but you can make them any color. Don’t forget the long white beard.

    After you finish painting them, leave them to dry for just a few minutes.

  3. When the paint is dry, use the black permanent marker to draw faces on your garden gnomes.

That’s it. It is that easy to make garden gnomes. If you plan to place them outside, you might want to consider adding a fourth step and spraying them with an acrylic sealer to keep them safe from the elements. Otherwise, you’re done. You can enjoy your quick and easy craft.

Are you a non-crafty person who made these garden gones?
Post in the comments how they turned out.

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