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Browsing seed catalogs

Seed catalogs are here!

Seed catalogs are the adult version of Christmas toy catalogs. I’m pretty sure I was just as excited to see a seed catalog in the mailbox as our children were at discovering the toy catalog.

Don’t have any seed catalogs in your mailbox yet? Here’s how to get your hands on free seed catalogs.

Browsing seed catalogs

New gardeners and seasoned gardeners alike, will be rejoicing when seed catalogs start arriving this month. I know I was very excited to discover the first one in the mail. Seed catalogs are usually shipped between December and March, or until suppliers run out. I absolutely love that they are free and come right to my house, hassle free.

I feel like a kid again when the seed catalogs start coming in. I love sitting by the Christmas tree with my catalog in hand turning the pages with hope and awe. There are so many possibilities for the next growing season. Each year there are new seeds to try. I eagerly start circling items and making a wish list, just as I did with toy catalogs as a child.

Did you know you can get seed catalogs for free as well? You can! All you have to do is request them. It’s quick and simple, and best of all…free. Simply head to your favorite seed supplier’s website and request a catalog. They will ship one out to you for free or you can view their digital catalog. I prefer getting a physical catalog in the mail just because everything else in life is pretty much virtual. It’s really nice to get something tangible in the mail, sit down and flip through the pages.

Here are five of my favorite seed suppliers and how to request seed catalogs from them:

Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Johnny's seed catalog

I have to start with my favorite seed supplier. I love that Johnny’s is an employee-owned company and that they’ve been in business for almost 50 years. They are one of the truly reliable businesses to order from. They have great customer service, quick shipping and a wealth of information if you have questions. You can get a free seed catalog here. If you’re only going to request one seed catalog this year, Johnny’s is the one to go with. Did I mention that the 2021 seed catalog has 244 pages! That’s a lot to ponder over.

Burpee Seeds

Burpee is a very well known company, probably because they’ve been around for almost 140 years. You can find their products in major garden centers or order online. You can request a seed catalog but if you’ve purchased from them in the last year, you’ll automatically receive one. They also have a digital catalog and they send out regular emails, which you can sign up for when requesting a catalog.

Baker’s Creek

Baker’s Creek is where you want to go for rare seeds. They have the largest selection of heirloom varieties in America. Even though it is a relatively young company, only around since 1998, they are famous for their quality seeds. The company was started by a 17 year old and has been featured in national publications. If you’re searching for rare seeds, this is the place to go. Request a free seed catalog here and start a new gardening journey.

New England Seed Company

You might recognize New England Seed Company as NESeed. They are a well established company known for their organic seeds. They offer premium vegetable, flower and herb seeds. You can request a free seed catalog here, but make sure to check your email. They won’t actually ship the catalog until you’ve confirmed via email that you want it.

Seeds in hand - Photo by Joshua Lanzarini via unsplash
Photo by Joshua Lanzarini via unsplash
Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange is your unexpected place to find fantastic and rare seeds. Seed Savers Exchange isn’t a business. They are a non-profit organization that exists to preserve heirloom seeds. It’s an amazing group that brings thousands of gardeners from around America together to keep gardeners growing heirloom crops. You can request a free seed catalog here.

There are so many more seed companies and organizations out there. Ask friends and family members who their favorites are. You might just discover something new and exciting.

Have you signed up for free seed catalogs yet? Which ones did you order?
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