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string of hearts houseplant

String of hearts: how to fix a trailing houseplant

The string of hearts is a beautiful trailing succulent that grows long vines and heart shaped leaves hence its name. It is dark green with some silver specks on its leaves and is the perfect hanging houseplant.

Have you ever noticed with your trailing houseplants like the string of hearts, losing fullness at the top but you’re not sure how to help? Don’t worry, we got you covered, with some of the possible reasons it is looking not as full, as well as how you can help!

string of hearts houseplant

How to take care of your string of hearts:

  • Make sure to not over water your string of hearts especially during the fall and winter. In the summer it can use a bit more watering but overwatering this houseplant can lead to root rot.
  • Place the plant in a south facing window and make sure it gets lots of indirect sunlight. This is not the bushiest plant to start, so giving this plant not enough sunlight will cause the leaves to become even more sparse.
  • Like many other succulents, this plant does not need lots of humidity, the humidity in your house should be fine.
  • Purchase a succulent/cactus soil for your string of hearts or you can make your own using potting soil, coarse sand and pumice.

How to keep your string of hearts full:

  • While it is important to not overwater your string of hearts, it is important that you give this succulent a good watering often. To water this plant properly you should give it a deep watering and then let the soil completely dry before watering it again.
  • If you are looking to produce larger leaves on your string of hearts it is important to make sure that the roots aren’t root bound and that there is room in the pot to grow. This could mean repotting into a bigger pot once a year. Growing bigger leaves can help add more fullness to your plant.
string of hearts succulent
string of hearts plant in hand

Signs your string of hearts needs more care and how to fix it:

String of hearts usually carries its water in their leaves, and overwatering is one of the main reasons people kill their trailing houseplant.

  1. The leaves start to look wilted
  2. The leaves turn yellow
  3. Slowly you will notice the leaves falling off

In order to fix the damage done by overwatering, you could propagate the healthy parts of the plant, to save the most out of your string of hearts.

yellow petaled flower by elias sorey unsplash

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