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Carved Pumpkins - Photo by Jen Theodore via unsplash

The Legends behind Jack O’Lanterns

The legends of jack o’lanterns (or jack-o’-lanterns) are surprisingly ones many people don’t seem to know. Why do we carve pumpkins and why do we call them jack o’lanterns? I love a good story, especially Irish folklore.

Green Plant Car

Guerilla Gardening – Flower Bombs for Change

Taking misused land and turning it into something beautiful, Guerilla Gardening is a creative gardener’s expression of rebellion against a lack of greenery in urban and industrial landscapes.

Cottage Garden

Cottage Gardens: A Beautiful Chaos

Creating the perfectly imperfect garden is easy. Just follow the rules (or lack thereof) of Cottage Gardening.

plant indoors with laptop

Time to bring your plants inside!

As summer ends and fall begins it’s time to start bringing your houseplants back inside for the cooler weather.

Butterfly on a plant

How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Creating a butterfly conservation garden is both an easy and enjoyable experience. And the reward? Beautiful butterflies to admire!

English Lavender plant

3 Lavender Infused Baked Treats

Incorporating English Lavender into baked goods creates an easy and charmingly different take on some of our most favorite treats. Here are three Lavender-infused recipes that are sure to delight.

pilar farmer market

Farmers Market Birthday Party!

Love to garden and all things produce? Throw a farmers market party and share the love of fresh produce!

Tomato Canning 101

Interested in canning your own homemade pasta sauce? Follow my adventure in the kitchen with Ms. Marion to learn how to can.