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Spidermites on Leaf

How I Deal with Houseplant Pests

It’s time to buckle up as I share with you how I’ve dealt with these pests as well as tips from other plant parents who have gone through the same pests problems: scales, mealybugs, gnats, aphids, spidermites and thrips.

Photo 1 - Mint

3 Recipes using Garden Mint

Versatile and prolific in the garden, mint can be a great addition to a variety of wonderfully simple and delicious recipes.

Victory Garden Veggies

Victory Gardens: Lest We Forget

Let’s go back in time and learn about the emergence of Victory Gardens and what this wartime gardening movement was all about.

lettuce head photo by Craig Dimmick via unsplash

3 Cold Weather Crops You should Take a Chance on

It’s never too late to start a garden. It might not look like your summer garden, but there are plenty of cold hearty crops you can continue to grow throughout the fall and winter.