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Herbs Bolting vs. Flowering – Do You Know the Difference?

Do you let your herbs flower? Should you? Flowering can have a huge impact on the flavor and lifespan of your herbs! Let’s dig into the details so you can get the most enjoyment out of your tasty, aromatic plants.

Color Psychology: Exploring Colors in your Flower Garden

The strategic use of color within our gardens can affect how we feel and can evoke an array of different ambiances. By using color psychology, you can create a space that is just right for your needs. So, what vibe do you want your garden to give? Let’s find out together.

Plant ID App Product Review

Plant ID apps help gardeners identify plants just by taking a picture! We tested the top two plant ID apps to determine which one makes the best gardening companion.

Growing Pothos on Moss Poles

Pothos are often seen in hanging pots but houseplant lovers may not know that growing them upwards will produce a lusher, larger plant that is healthier and in my opinion more attractive.

Planning Your Fall Garden

You waited all winter to plant your spring garden and after that last frost (finally!) you were able to plant. You harvested all of your fruits and vegetables with pride and joy this summer. Don’t get comfortable yet though, there’s still time to plant more.

An Aloe-Killer’s Guide to Thriving Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe vera has a mixed reputation: some aloe parents can do no wrong, while others feel they can’t do anything right. Whichever group you belong to, your aloes will thank you – and reward you – for reading this article.

How to Attract Beneficial Birds

There are many birds that are helpful in the garden, and there are those that are not. Here’s how to attract the right ones.

Ladybugs, A Gardener’s Best Friend

While we often focus on the “bad bugs” we forget there are many “good bugs” that reside in our gardens as well, some are actually necessary for the success of our fruits and veggies.

The Vegetable Gardening Book You Need

If you are new to gardening or are looking for a better way to stay organized and on schedule with planting and harvesting, this is a great resource.