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Cat in Christmas Tree - jessica lewis

Holiday Houseplants: Pet Friendly vs Toxic Plants

Thinking of getting or gifting a plant this holiday season? If you or your friends have pets, please be careful and consult our list of ten common holiday plants that are toxic to pets, and five safe substitutes.

winter garden covers

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Garden in December

Are you wondering what you should be doing in the garden in December? Here are five key things you can do to care for your vegetable garden when the days grow short and cold.

paper lantern complete

DIY Garden Inspired Paper Lantern

My garden inspires me to do more than expand my garden and try new things. Have you made a paper lantern? Here’s an easy DIY paper lantern guide inspired by my garden.

pets and plants

Safe Plants for Pets and Toxic Plants to Avoid

30 common toxic and non-toxic houseplants, plus we recommend some herbs that are healthy and enjoyable for dogs and cats to munch so that they don’t feel left out of the gardening fun.

Finished Holiday Planter

DIY Dazzling Holiday Planters

Creating a decorative winter container is a creative process that will provide you with a beautiful piece that will last on your walkway, steps or balcony well into March… just in time for spring.