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Blanket of Flowers

These snowdrops blanket the grow making a beautiful natural meadow. Show us the first sighting of spring around you? Do you have some bulbs peeking out yet?

Dreaming of Spring

This fresh lavender has us dreaming of spring. We can’t wait to get out in the herb garden. What are you looking forward to this spring?

Nature Art

Bridget is truly an amazing artist. She takes plant material and turns them into masterpieces. What do you think of this flower petal castle?

Flower confetti

This is a fun twist for your flower girl. Drying flower petals to use as confetti. Not only is it gorgeous it’s also environmentally friendly. What flowers would you dry?

Home Hyacinths

With spring right around the corner hyacinths will be popping up all over. What flower bulbs do you have in your garden?

Tree Aeonium

This beautiful is a beautiful succulent that needs at least six hours of full sun to fully develop its color. No matter on where you live in the world, the wintertime season can be seen as an depressing time.

Brownie Bouquets

Our jaws dropped when we stumbled upon Sammi’s beautifully decorated brownies. These look almost too good to eat! Have you ever seen anything like this?

Flourishing Flowers

We really like Camille’s tower of pansies. It’s a great way to add something unique to your garden. Do you live where you have a year round growing season?

Bouquet of Flowers

Planning a spring flower garden? We like to use beautiful arrangements like Hannah has created to plan what types of flowers we want to plant in the spring!