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Bloom Contrasts!

The way these bright red blooms contrast with the dark leaves of these canna lilies is just plain beautiful. These flowers are definitely on my wishlist for next year!

Rose Bush

An International Love Affair with Roses

Roses, rows, and rows of roses. That is what you’re often met with when entering any flower shop or floral department. Roses are one of the most popular cut flowers in the entire floral industry.

Beneficial Blooms!

Farmstandrevival shares some great facts about the beneficial nature of some popular garden blooms in smarterbynature’s garden!

Garden Cowboy

Gorgeous gardens make yardwork so much more enjoyable, and we have to say we adore Marcus’s hat he’s wearing while maintaining his yard and gardens!

Front Yard Come-up!

Wow! What a difference adding some more gardens has made in Sarah’s yard! Especially making the sidewalk “sandwiched” between gardens! We’re also loving that Halloween decor.

Eastern Bluebird on a branch

Creating a Songbird Garden

Learn how to attract songbirds to your garden by creating an environment that fosters their needs.

Dah-ling Dahlias

We love these fall dahlias in dreamygardener2000’s garden. Blooms that linger through seasonal transitions are absolutely amazing.