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Photo 1 - Mint

3 Recipes using Garden Mint

Versatile and prolific in the garden, mint can be a great addition to a variety of wonderfully simple and delicious recipes.

Echinacea flower

A Beginner’s Guide to Medicinal Herb Gardening

Herbal Medicine is a fascinating science that’s been around for a heck of a long time. And, although becoming an expert in this field can take years, any green thumb with an open mind for learning, can get started with a few basics to build off of.

Beets! A Guide on How-To: Plant, Maintain & Harvest

Whether it be summer, spring or fall (or even winter if planted in a coldframe!) beets are tolerant of both hot and cool weather. Plant them early in the spring season or late into the summer for a fall or early winter harvest.

How-To Take Instagram-Worthy Harvest Photos

Whether you’re searching to improve the quality of your garden-based photos or desiring more engagement and likes, here’s a list of gardenstead’s do’s and don’ts catered specifically to improving your harvest photography skills.

Summer Squash Grow Guide

Our guide to get your summer squash from seed to table. These fast-growers can produce large amounts of fruits, resulting in summer long harvests.

Orchid Care Guide

Looking for the perfect gift? Get an orchid! Not only are they show-stoppers but they can rebloom over and over. Plus, we’ve got you covered with a care guide.