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Bathroom Jungle

We are really loving this bathroom jungle! How are your plants arranged in your bathroom? Do you use hanging planters or set them around the edges?

Pumpkin Planters

Bring the fun autumn decorations to your plants! Check out these amazing succulent arrangements. Maybe carve a face into your pumpkin and plant the succulents out of the eyes!

Reuse and Recycle

Running out of jars and vases to propagate? No worries, reuse and recycle your glass alcohol bottles! These liquor bottles are fun shapes and sizes to bring an extra flair to baby cuttings.

Photo 1 - Pennies and Plants

Are Pennies a Green Thumb’s Friend?

Often you may find that people add pennies to their potted plants and garden soil. But why? And, what is it supposed to accomplish? Let’s find out.

Cozy Home!

We absolutely cannot get enough of Medina’s livingroom space. We love how she’s used both real and faux plants to liven and warm up her whole space, keeping the faux where the live plants would not get enough light to thrive. I could sit here all day!

Spider Plant Prop Soil; chlorophytum comosum, spider ivy, airplane plant, St. Bernard's lily

Simple Spider Plant Propagation

Spider plants are the plants that keep giving! Not only are they fantastic air purifiers and jazz up any plant shelf — they produce tons of babies (spiderettes) that are extremely easy to propagate, if you know what to do!

MMIG - Timeless Floral Vintage Masks

Mother Made It Goods Interview

When COVID isolation began, many of us turned to plants to keep our spirits up. We’ve got a heart-warming story from Janelle Catibog, who turned to flowers and vintage fashion when times got tough.

jade plant

How-To Propagate a Jade From a Stem Cutting

The most common way to grow a new jade plant in your own home is through propagation. With a single leaf or a stem cut from a larger plant, you can grow a whole new plant in very few steps.