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Plant Recommendations for New Plant Parents

If you are a beginner plant owner, we are so happy to see you here joining the plant community with your first plants! If you are a plant lover who is just here for more information, glad you are here and we hope that the information in this article will inspire even more love for plants.

Plant Co-Workers

Working from home? Add a little spice to your desk. Your houseplants are your new coworkers these days. Do they have names?

Creative Space

This space is perfect for creativity. We love how you can change your plants and your art on the wire right behind to your desk. What would you hang up?

Vines for Days

Have a vine plant? Using a fun shaped trellis can add some fun flair to your space. How do you let your vines grow? Do they grow free or do you train them to grow up a wall?

Is it Spring Yet?

Did the groundhog see its shadow? We are dreaming of spring! Do you have any bulbs waiting to pop up with warm spring sunshine?

Relax and Refresh

Have you had a stressful start to the 2021 year? Hang some fresh eucalyptus in your shower to relax in the aroma while you take a hot shower.

Around Around We Go!

Adriana’s circular plant shelves bring a fun flair to the room. Those plants have the perfect spot in front of those windows. Show us your shelving set ups!

Plant Glass Art

Can’t get enough of your favorite leaves? Decorate you home with plant decor! This glass art work is beautiful and would fit into our jungle.

valentines day gift guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s day is right around the corner! If your special someone is a plant and gardening enthusiast we have some gift ideas that may be perfect for you.